Country: Czech Republic

Austria: Gasokol and Sunwin Merge

Austria’s market consolidation continues: At the beginning of December 2014, the two collector manufacturers Gasokol and Sunwin announced that they would merge their businesses and manufacturing activities. Sunwin´s modern production […]

Czech Republic: Rapid Market Consolidation

Vermos, VK Technik and Láf Nerez are all former Czech producers or assemblers of solar thermal collectors which started in the 90s and closed down their business over the last […]

Czech Republic: Vacuum Tubes on the Rise

The annual market report of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, MPO, confirmed two things: the big drop in annual market volume in 2011 and the increasing market share […]

How to Finance a Large-scale Solar Thermal Plant

One of the organisations which have had experiences with RES leases over many years is the Austrian UniCredit Leasing. Josef Robert Straninger, Country Coordinator of the Competence Center Renewable Energies […]