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ways to optimize PCMs

Fine-tuning phase change materials

Compact thermal energy storage can be achieved with a large number of materials. To reduce costs, a high energy density of the storage material at optimal temperatures is desirable. The storage research group of the Spanish institute CIC energiGUNE has worked on different ways to optimize phase-change materials (PCMs) to …
Stakeholder and Citizen Engagement

ENGAGED – a multi-stage framework for participatory urban planning

Stakeholder engagement is a hot topic in the discussion about positive energy communities or districts. Some understand it as simply informing citizens during the planning process to avoid conflicts. Others see it as an opportunity to promote virtuous energy behaviour that supports the integration of solar technologies. Still others see …
Ranking of the world's most experienced SHIP suppliers

Ranking of the world’s most experienced SHIP suppliers

The updated SHIP Supplier World Map lists 68 companies. Those among them with the highest number of SHIP systems commissioned by the end of 2023 are listed in the ranking above. The world’s most experienced SHIP suppliers come from Mexico, the Netherlands and China: Modulo Solar, Solareast Group, G2 Energy, …
Canadian solar thermal market

New dynamism on the Canadian solar thermal market

Solar air heating is the main application for the solar thermal industry in Canada. 88% of newly installed collector area in 2023 was glazed and unglazed air collectors. This market segment grew by 35% compared to 2022 because of support policies in the eastern Canadian province of Quebec. The fact …
low-carbon district heat

“District heating has never had such a high significance in Germany”

In Germany, one record-breaking plant is being built after another. Solar district heating is a large, rapidly growing business. This could be an inspiring model for the UK, said George Bennett, British representative on the Exco of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. He used the IEA SHC Solar …
solar thermal lobbyist

“Large-scale plants are a new league that solar companies alone cannot handle”

Roger Hackstock is celebrating his 20th anniversary as a solar thermal lobbyist this year. From 2002 to 2013 and again since 2016, he has headed the Austrian association Austria Solar. He is still bursting with positive energy when he talks about the challenges facing the future of his industry. He …
Turnkey SHIP Supplier World Map

Successes and challenges on the SHIP world market 2023

Success and frustration went hand-in-hand on the global solar industrial heat market 2023. Some companies were extremely successful in implementing many small SHIP (Solar Heat for Industrial Processes) projects or a few large ones and met their targets. In general, technology providers around the world are experiencing high demand but …
viewpoints on solar energy buildings

Stakeholder viewpoints on solar energy buildings

How important do you find aspects such as performance, financing and the environment in relation to solar energy buildings? This question interested the participants of the IEA Task 66 on Solar Energy Buildings. They jointly conducted a survey, which was completed by no less than 310 stakeholders, including academics (41 …


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