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“Access to land is one of the key bottlenecks for rolling out renewables”

The REPowerEU plan from May 2022 includes a series of measures to overcome the EU’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to renewable energies. In addition to a Solar Energy Strategy and a Solar Rooftop Initiative, it introduced the concept of go-to-areas as an instrument to avoid …
Termosolar Panama Initiative

Commercial solar heat market in Panama starts moving

The Termosolar Panamá initiative is bearing its first fruits. Three large pumped solar systems in the public health sector and two solar industrial heat plants started operation in the last weeks in Panama. All these installations were planned and executed by local contractors who had taken part in training programmes …
solar district heating in Netherlands

National Round Table discusses market development and policies in Italy

How could heating and cooling contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy sector in Italy? To answer this ambitious question, on 27 October the Renewable Heating & Cooling European Technology Platform, with specific support from Solar Heat Europe, organised a round table with almost 70 participants. The event focused on …
37 MW solar district heating plant in the Netherlands with outstanding features

37 MW solar district heating plant in the Netherlands with outstanding features

At the beginning of November construction started of a 37 MW solar district heating plant in Groningen, Netherlands. The 48,000 m2 collector field will be connected to the district heating grid of Groningen, which is operated by the utility company Warmtestad. Three companies joined forces to develop this ambitious project: …
Solar heat for agribusinesses

Solar heat for multinational agribusinesses under way

Solar heat for production processes is spreading. Now it is the turn of Argentina, where the engineering company Placentino Cia has announced four projects for agribusinesses totalling 18 MW with concentrating solar collectors in the early development phase. Natural gas prices in Argentina are currently still highly subsidised, which usually …
Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment for solar thermal systems

The IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme will start a cross-sectoral research group on life cycle and cost assessment (LCA). The objective is to develop guidelines on methodology and to define the parameters for location and system-specific economic and ecological assessment. The IEA SHC executive committee has commissioned the German …
PVT and heat pump combinations

Optimised PVT and heat pump combinations for heating and cooling of buildings

In combination with the Eurosun 2022 conference, the second IEA SHC Task 66 industry workshop entitled “Solar thermal and/or PVT combined with heat pumps as an innovative energy supply solution” took place at the end of September in Germany. Four speakers from industry presented new developments for a sustainable and …
EU Solar Mandate

Call for a strong solar mandate across Europe

In a joint letter, 18 organisations from diverse sectors of the economy have called on EU Energy Ministers and the European Parliament to support an ambitious EU solar mandate. Among the signatories are the Brussels-based associations Solar Heat Europe and the European Copper Institute. The joint letter advocates a strong …


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