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open data set

Open data sets have great importance when analysing and optimising operation strategies for solar district heating plants

A complete annual data set of monitoring results for a solar district heating plant is an important prerequisite for meaningful simulations of such systems and for developing of monitoring algorithms. That is why the scientists working on IEA SHC Task 68 on Efficient Solar District Heating are committed to ensuring …
Green Heat subsidy scheme

Green Heat subsidy scheme in Flanders supports concentrating solar heat plants

Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, will see a series of concentrating solar process heat systems go into operation in the next year. The starting point is the 2.5 MW parabolic trough collector field at Avery Dennison, a leading global packaging and materials manufacturer in Turnhout, inaugurated at the beginning …
Tests of solar water heaters

Tests of solar water heaters in China aim at improving standards

More than a third of the newly installed collector area in 2021 globally was thermosiphon systems. They dominate sales in many Asian and Latin American countries. The IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme’s Task 69, “Solar Hot Water for 2030” is investigating performance and failure modes to provide the technology …
Solar air heating and drying

Solar air heating and drying – an attempt to assess the world market

Solar air heating for space heating and drying is one of the most economical uses of solar thermal. The 2,500 m2 unglazed solar air heating façade at Turkish Aerospace Industries in Ankara, for example, will pay for itself in only 2.4 years according to the project developer Solarwall Turkey. Solar …
Inflation Reduction Act

Quick facts on Solar Investment Tax Credits prior to and under the IRA

The federal Solar Investment Tax Credits are an important funding instrument for the solar PV and solar thermal market in the USA. In the current version, set out in tax code section 25d for private individuals and section 48 for commercial customers, the tax credits for solar thermal energy are …
Solar Investment Tax Credits

Producers point to forced electrification and cheap natural gas as barriers for solar thermal in the US

For many years already, solar thermal for residential and commercial use in the United States has been eligible to benefit from Solar Investment Tax Credits (ITC) and diverse federal and regional incentive programmes. However, as Solar Heat Worldwide data shows, over the last year the newly installed flat plate and …
LCA of solar water heaters

Carbon footprint assessment of various types of solar water heater

The Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) wants to support the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme with life cycle analysis of solar water heaters. During the last meeting of IEA SHC Task 69 on Solar Hot Water for 2030 in April 2023 Harald Kicker from the Institute of Polymeric Materials …

Radically new design of a concentrating collector in an inflatable tube

Conventional parabolic trough collector design and operation present numerous costly challenges: bearing foundation pylons must be robust while remaining mobile, the concentrator’s curved mirrors and receivers require optimal alignment, and the mirrors have to be cleaned regularly. The use of silver-glass or coated aluminium mirrors, established as an industry standard, …


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