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Difficult market environment for residential solar thermal providers in Germany

Difficult market environment for residential solar thermal providers in Germany

Fewer and fewer solar collectors are being bought in Germany: the negative trend from the previous year continued in the first quarter of 2024. Sales of solar collectors fell from just under 500 MW of capacity in 2022 to 263 MW in 2023 (see chart below). In previous years, the …
Innovative solar heat trends

Innovative trends on the still declining Chinese market

Despite numerous innovative trends, the Chinese solar thermal market continues to shrink. In 2023, 15.3 GW of collectors were installed in China, 8 % less than in the previous year. This number also includes a small portion of exported collectors. The annual industry report from the Chinese Solar Thermal Industry …
Solar Heat Worldwide 2024

Solar Heat Worldwide: two more new world’s largest solar heat plants

Solar heat is a versatile technology that now provides heating services to 122 million customers worldwide. The just published Solar Heat Worldwide study, edition 2024, contains the latest data on all the relevant applications – residential water heating, district heating, process heat, cooling and drying. Two dynamically growing technologies – …
global PVT market

Market and technology trends in the global PVT sector

Europe is the leading region worldwide for PVT technology. Of the global 1.6 million m2 of PVT collectors in operation, 64 % are installed in Europe. The leading countries are France, Germany and the Netherlands. The largest PVT markets outside Europe in terms of capacity in operation are South Korea, …
Brazil third largest solar heat market

Further growth expected in Brazil – the third largest solar heat market globally

Brazil was the third largest solar thermal market in the world after China and India in terms of newly installed collector area in 2023. The Brazilian industry reported sales of 1.83 million m2 of glazed and unglazed collectors (1,281 MW) – a plus of 2.8 % compared with 2022. The …
ways to optimize PCMs

Fine-tuning phase change materials

Compact thermal energy storage can be achieved with a large number of materials. To reduce costs, a high energy density of the storage material at optimal temperatures is desirable. The storage research group of the Spanish institute CIC energiGUNE has worked on different ways to optimize phase-change materials (PCMs) to …
Stakeholder and Citizen Engagement

ENGAGED – a multi-stage framework for participatory urban planning

Stakeholder engagement is a hot topic in the discussion about positive energy communities or districts. Some understand it as simply informing citizens during the planning process to avoid conflicts. Others see it as an opportunity to promote virtuous energy behaviour that supports the integration of solar technologies. Still others see …
Ranking of the world's most experienced SHIP suppliers

Ranking of the world’s most experienced SHIP suppliers

The updated SHIP Supplier World Map lists 68 companies. Those among them with the highest number of SHIP systems commissioned by the end of 2023 are listed in the ranking above. The world’s most experienced SHIP suppliers come from Mexico, the Netherlands and China: Modulo Solar, Solareast Group, G2 Energy, …


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