Companie: Bosch Thermotechnik

Germany: Multi-Family Houses Achieve High Yields

2013 was a very good solar year for the housing developer of 8-19 Kastenienplatz in Querfurt, a city in the east of Germany. The solar thermal system of the developer’s […]

Brazil: Bosch Buys Collector and Tank Manufacturer Heliotek

The Thermotechnology Division of Bosch will be the first international manufacturer with a manufacturing unit for collectors and tanks in Brazil. Through its division Bosch Thermotechnology, the company is planning the […]

China: Sunrain Group Goes Public

After more than a year of preparation, solar thermal heating manufacturer Sunrain Solar Energy has finally gone public on 21 May 2012. At exactly 9 am, company founder and President […]

Germany: Cost Optimisation in the Collector Industry

German collector manufacturers have come under high pressure: Copper prices are still on the rise, but the German market is not picking up. Replacing the copper material in the absorber […]