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Solar heat market Europe

Historically high growth in Europe’s solar heat market in 2021

Solar heat is on a growth path in Europe. The newly installed capacity grew by 8 % in 2021 to 1.45 GW in the EU27 plus Switzerland and Great Britain – a historically high percent growth. The countries with double-digit growth according to market statistics from Solar Heat Europe (SHE) …
operator models for solar district heating

Successful operator models for solar district heating in Germany

Around 50 large solar district heating systems are in operation in Germany, among them a growing number of energy community initiated projects. The three-year SolnetPlus project aims to popularise solar district heating especially among municipalities. On 24 November 2022, the project held a webinar on the topic of Successful operator …
solar neighbourhood planning

How planners use tools to assess solar potential in neighbourhoods

Digital tools play an increasingly important role in urban planning. Researchers from the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme have cooperated on solar neighbourhood planning within Task 63 to describe how planners have used tools for irradiation assessment and a visual programming environment in selected new housing developments as well …
Solar Energy Buildings

Analysing 126 solar energy buildings across Europe

The revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings directive tightens the energy standards for buildings across the European Union. The member states are to establish national building renovation plans that transform existing buildings into zero-emission buildings. IEA SHC Task 66 Solar Energy Buildings will contribute to this discussion by gathering …
Tips and tricks regarding design and success factors for SHIP

Tips and tricks regarding design and success factors for SHIP

It is generally a big challenge to contract and design solar industrial heat projects (SHIP). The IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Task 64 on Solar Process Heat aims at supporting planners and investors, to stimulate market growth. In the most recent IEA SHC Solar Academy webinar, three task experts shared …
gas-free industrial heat

Gas-free industrial heat with PVT collectors and heat pumps

While gas and electricity prices are exploding, the demand for alternative heating solutions is growing. Hybrid systems consisting of gas boilers and heat pumps are being promoted intensively in the Netherlands. However, PVT systems combined with heat pumps could be a new, efficient solution on the path towards gas-free industrial …
Solar district heating solutions providing higher temperatures

Solar district heating solutions providing higher temperatures

A well-attended second meeting of the research group IEA SHC Task 68 Efficient Solar District Heating took place at the beginning of November. A total of 51 participants from 15 countries – a mix of scientists and industry representatives – registered for the two-day virtual meeting. Country reports about Germany …

“Access to land is one of the key bottlenecks for rolling out renewables”

The REPowerEU plan from May 2022 includes a series of measures to overcome the EU’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to renewable energies. In addition to a Solar Energy Strategy and a Solar Rooftop Initiative, it introduced the concept of go-to-areas as an instrument to avoid …


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