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General State of Solar Heat

Hopes of improved market framework at the French General State of Solar Heat Conference

The French solar thermal industry is confident about 2023. The 10th edition of the recognized annual conference Etats Generaux de la Chaleur Solaire (General State of Solar Heat) counted a record number of participants – 120 in person and more than 500 online. The one-day event was jointly organized by …
standardized balance of plants

Cost reduction potential through prefabricated and standardized balance of plants

Standardized, modular interfaces for the integration of solar heat into factories can reduce solar heat system costs significantly. The photo shows such a prefabricated so-called balance of plant (BoP) before being shipped to Turnhout in Belgium to connect a 2.5 MW parabolic trough collector field with a chemical factory. The …
Inflation Reduction Act

What is in the Inflation Reduction Act for solar thermal?

Since 30 June 2023 and until the end of July 2023 the US Department of Energy is accepting concepts for clean energy projects as applications for tax credits according to the Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit programme (48C). In total, USD 10 billion are available within the framework of § …
listed solar thermal companies

Entry into solar shares at low market values

The project business in the solar thermal sector is still in the red. High project development costs for rather small projects are dragging down the balance sheets of the companies. Accordingly, the share prices of listed companies have lost value in recent years. We asked Max Deml, Editor-in-Chief of the …
Spain's solar thermal market

Spain´s solar thermal market impacted by various new policies

Spain’s solar thermal market contracted again in 2022 by 12 % according to the latest market survey by the solar energy association ASIT. New emerging segments are PVT and solar industrial heat (SHIP). Although sales in these two technologies are still small, sector representatives expect double-digit growth in the years …
Solar district heating info package

Solar district heating info package for cities and towns

Among the 6,000 cities and towns in Europe with district heating, 266 already feed solar heat into their grid. For municipalities that plan to expand and develop new district heating systems to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels the IEA SHC Task 68 team has developed a solar district heating …
concentrating heat solutions

High innovation potential of suppliers for concentrating heat solutions

The number of providers with higher temperature solar process heat solutions continues to grow. More manufacturers of concentrating collectors are now listed on the SHIP Supplier World Map than manufacturers of stationary collectors (see pie chart above). The dominant technology is parabolic trough collectors, provided by 17 companies. A total …
innovative solar district heating

Innovations in the front-running solar district heating country Denmark

The Danish solar district heating sector is a role model for the world. Researchers from IEA SHC Task 68 Efficient Solar District Heating met in the Danish capital Copenhagen for a project meeting and visited two innovative solar district heating examples. he first visit was to the concentrating solar heat …


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