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power-to-heat solutions

Worldwide overview of high-temperature energy storage system providers

High-temperature thermal energy storage is one important pillar for the energy transition in the industrial sector. These technologies make it possible to provide heat from concentrating solar thermal systems during periods of low solar availability including overnight, or store surplus electricity from the grid using power-to-heat solutions and provide heat …
solid-media high-temperature storage

“There is a great deal of experience with solid-media high-temperature storages”

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) develops thermal storage solutions and collaborates actively with a number of startups and manufacturers in the field of high-temperature storage. Annelies Vandersickel, Head of the Department Thermal Process Technology at the DLR is one of the institute’s dedicated experts on thermal energy storage technology. We …
PVT heat pump

“PVT heat pump systems will become standard in the Netherlands”

After France, the Netherlands has the largest specific PVT area installed per 1,000 inhabitants in Europe. At the end of 2022, a total of 111,342 m2 of PVT collectors were in operation. Between 30,000 and 40,000 m2 are added every year. A well-established Dutch industry offers PVT elements. We spoke …
Big solar heat deal

Big solar heat deal in the Chilean copper sector made possible by two people

Construction will start on three enormous solar industrial heat plants in Chile in the next months. The Chilean power utility Gasco is investing USD 71 million in three flat plate collector fields with a total capacity of 154 MW and will deliver heat for the electrowinning baths to the two …
Energy carriers from solar-powered reactors

Energy carriers from solar-powered reactors

In future, a lot of green hydrogen will be needed in industry as an energy carrier. Currently, this green hydrogen is produced in electrolysers that are dependent on renewable electricity. But green power is also needed for many other applications. Sustainable alternatives to hydrogen production are therefore necessary. This is …
Investigation of the boost effect of heat pumps in solar district heating

Investigation of the boost effect of heat pumps in solar district heating

During their most recent meeting in Sweden in October the district heating experts from the IEA SHC Programme discussed the impact of integrating heat pumps into solar district heating systems with and without seasonal storage. Jianhua Fan from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) analysed monitoring data from the Ørum …
storage tank collector Sunpad

Sunpad outshines typical thermosiphon systems with its slim design

First presented in 2019, the storage tank collector Sunpad has now been delivered in 66 countries on five continents. The manufacturer Greenonetec from Austria confirms that the product sells especially well in South America, Southern Europe, the Middle East and in selected African countries. We spoke with two resellers – …
PVT flagship projects

PVT flagship projects in four countries

In 2023 PVT collectors were used for a wide variety of different applications. In this article we present some PVT flagship projects from four different PVT manufacturers. Some of the projects were chosen because of their large size, others because of special customers such as industrial companies. The photo shows …


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