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Russian Solar thermal industry

Russian solar thermal industry in deep crisis

The Russian solar thermal industry is currently experiencing a severe crisis. International solar thermal suppliers have suspended business activities in Russia due to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine. The sanctions implemented have reduced the purchasing power of local customers. Solarthermalworld.org contacted representatives of two solar thermal technology suppliers to …
E.ON offers concentrating solar heat

Average gas price of 140 EUR/MWh over the next four years

The E.ON group is positioning itself more and more as a provider of sustainable energy solutions for commercial customers. Solar industrial heat (SHIP) is one of the solutions being considered, especially because good funding is available for SHIP in many European countries, as Kevin Bär pointed out during his presentation …
Combining heat pumps with solar thermal

Heat pumps: Competition or complement in district heating?

For decades, the Danish solar district heating sector has been a shining example for the world. And with the help of combining heat pumps with solar thermal, the market could again lead the way by contributing to Denmark’s 2030 aim of a 70 % carbon emissions reduction. Hence the question …
Eurosun 2022: Engaging keynotes by a unique mix of policy and research experts

Eurosun 2022: Engaging keynotes by a unique mix of policy and research experts

From 25 to 29 September, Kassel, Germany, will be the venue for the Eurosun 2022 conference. The event will offer a packed programme of keynote speeches, lectures and workshops on a variety of green energy transition issues related to buildings and industry. On 29 September, attendees can then take part …
decarbonising district heating

Fund of EUR 3 billion for decarbonising German district heating

The German Ministry of Economics is making EUR 3 billion available until 2026 for decarbonising the district heating sector. Municipalities, energy suppliers and energy communities can apply for funding from 15 September. The BEW programme, short for Federal funding for efficient heating networks will finance the new construction of heating …
concentrating solar heat capacity

Concentrating solar heat capacity quadruples in 2022

Multinational corporations have discovered solar steam as an important way to achieve their climate protection goals. Among the global players that have purchased a solar industrial heat plant this year are the huge breweries Heineken and Carlsberg. By the end of the year Givaudan, the worldwide largest producer of flavours …
Solar heat market and industry info package 2022

Solar heat market and industry info package 2022

The Renewables 2022 Global Status Report is a heavy publication. It aims to report comprehensively on nine renewable energy technologies and their market, industrial and political developments in 2021. This has resulted in another thick work of 312 pages with 69 graphics and tables. It is a challenge to find …
“A tripling of solar thermal capacity in this decade is quite realistic”

“A tripling of solar thermal capacity in this decade is quite realistic”

At a meeting on 27 June, the EU Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) discussed the role of solar heat in the Union’s Solar Energy Strategy, published in mid-May. Although the strategy has the status of a non-binding communication disseminated for informational purposes, it is considered to be an …


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