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Merging decades of solar expertise

Merging decades of solar expertise

The merger of the two Swiss companies Energie Solaire and Soltop Schuppisser in October 2021 has created a multifaceted enterprise in the field of green building technology. The new company Soltop Energie chaired by Wolfgang Thiele has taken over all the employees, who have several decades of experiences in the …
Mexico City Solar Capital

México City: solar capital facing obstacles

Mexico City has recorded successes and setbacks on its journey as a solar capital. Claudia Sheinbaum, the Mayor of the city with 20 million inhabitants, announced the Energy Sustainability Strategy in May 2019. Since then, a pleasing 15,000 residential solar thermal systems have been installed city-wide, driven by direct subsidies …
Chinese solar thermal industry

Policy supports gains for the Chinese solar thermal industry

The Chinese solar thermal industry has ended its downslide. With 18.9 GWth in 2021, the manufacturers produced the same amount of solar thermal capacity as in the previous year. The Chinese Solar Thermal Industry Status Report 2021 assessed the “zero growth” as a great business year after eight years of …
Zero Capex solar heat

Zero CAPEX solar heat for Mexican industry

Local manufacturer and installer Inventive Power has completed what is reportedly the “first solar generated vapour purchase agreement in Latin America”. The Zero CAPEX model, similar to an ESCO agreement for heating, offers high investment return rates. Since December 2021 a 332 kW parabolic trough plant has been delivering solar …
Position paper Solar Thermal

Push for the German solar thermal market is badly needed

The German boiler manufacturers are satisfied with their sales for 2021. Plumbers installed almost one million units. This is 10 % more than in the previous year, according to statistics from the heating industry association BDH. When looking at the market figures broken down by technology, biomass boilers were the …
wastewater treatment

Guidelines for wastewater treatment technologies in preparation

Operating a wastewater treatment plant is a complex task in itself. If you start thinking about using solar energy to drive certain separation or disinfection processes, the task becomes even more challenging (as the graphic above shows). Water treatment plant operators who want to harness more solar energy would benefit …

Superbonus has pushed solar heat in Italy

The combination of the Conto Termico incentive scheme, supporting renewable heat installations, and the 110 % Superbonus for energy efficiency in buildings allowed Italy to hit a record year for solar thermal in 2021. According to the industry association ANIMA, 225,000 m2 of collector area (158 MW) were installed in …
Cities Going Carbon Neutral

Celsius’s cities are going carbon neutral with waste heat and PV rather than with solar thermal

Waste heat and photovoltaics seem to be the preferred technologies for cities aiming to decarbonize their energy supply, rather than solar heat. This became clear during the webinar Cities Going Carbon Neutral at the end of February. During the presentations by energy experts from the Swedish city of Lund, Sonderborg …
2.3 MW solar steam boiler for almond pasteurization in California

2.3 MW solar steam boiler for almond pasteurization in California

Sunvapor has just put into operation the USA’s first “solar steam boiler” for pasteurization. The California-based solar process heat and desalination developer has commissioned a 2.3 MW field of parabolic trough collectors for an almond processor in Madera, north of Los Angeles. The approximately 4,000 m2 of collector area has …
Ariston Group acquires Chromagen

Ariston Group acquires Chromagen

At the beginning of the year the Italian Ariston Group completed its acquisition of the Israeli solar thermal system pioneer manufacturer Chromagen Hot Water Solutions. According to a press release published on 5 January 2022, the boiler manufacturer acquired 100 % of the shares and voting rights of the Israeli …
India Solar Mission

India close to the Solar Mission target of 20 million m2 collector area

The Indian solar thermal industry recovered last year after being hit severely by the pandemic in 2020. A survey carried out by Malaviya Solar Energy Consultancy, India, indicates 16 % growth in glazed collector area. Solar thermal system providers sold an estimated 1.35 GW (1.93 million m2) in 2021 compared to …
concentrating solar technologies CST

Challenging short completion deadline

Fifty-one solar heat projects totalling 61 MW were awarded funding in Spain in the first round of the subsidy scheme Thermal Energy Production. The majority of these projects use concentrating solar technologies. This is a great step forward in a country where currently concentrating solar heat plants with a total …


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