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LCA of solar water heaters

Carbon footprint assessment of various types of solar water heater

The Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) wants to support the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme with life cycle analysis of solar water heaters. During the last meeting of IEA SHC Task 69 on Solar Hot Water for 2030 in April 2023 Harald Kicker from the Institute of Polymeric Materials …

Radically new design of a concentrating collector in an inflatable tube

Conventional parabolic trough collector design and operation present numerous costly challenges: bearing foundation pylons must be robust while remaining mobile, the concentrator’s curved mirrors and receivers require optimal alignment, and the mirrors have to be cleaned regularly. The use of silver-glass or coated aluminium mirrors, established as an industry standard, …
Glasspoint Series A funding

USD 8 million injection into the lean structure of new Glasspoint

Glasspoint has closed its Series A funding round with USD 8 million. The US-headquartered, privately held company will use the money to increase project development activities in the field of solar industrial steam plants. According to a press release from 31 July the leading investor was 300PPM, a newly founded …
Supply chain constraints

Supply chain constraints in concentrating solar thermal

The demand for heat above 100 °C in industry is huge. More and more project developers offer solutions with concentrating collectors that can provide heat between 100 and 400 °C. On the regularly updated World Map of SHIP Turnkey Suppliers, the number of concentrating collector providers has now grown to …
real climate neutrality

Solar thermal achieves highest level of “real” climate neutrality

The term “climate neutral” is omnipresent today. But there is no generally accepted official definition of climate neutrality. Instead there are three definitions that have different impacts on the assessment of residential solar-energy-based systems. Harald Drück, Chair of IEA SHC Task 66 Solar Energy Buildings, calls these three approaches: virtual, …
Solar Heat Worldwide 2023

Deep insights into solar market development on the global, national and sector-specific levels

Solar Heat Worldwide 2023 reports mixed growth for solar thermal. While solar thermal markets grew, particularly in Europe, the global market was overshadowed by declines in the two largest markets, China and India. As a result, the global new solar heat capacity in 2022 contracted by 9.3% compared to 2021, …
Polish heating device market

Polish heating device market with interesting ups and downs

2022 was the second consecutive year of growth in the Polish solar thermal market. Solar collector sales increased by 11 % after growth of 17 % in 2021. According to Janusz Staroscik, President of the Association of Heating Appliance Manufacturers and Importers in Poland (SPIUG), sales mainly increased towards the …
support low carbon economies

“Solar thermal is uniquely positioned to support low-carbon economies”

Dr Lucio Mesquita from Natural Resources Canada will chair the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) for the next two years. He was elected during an Executive Committee meeting in June in France (see photo). Mesquita (marked with the red arrow on the photo) already supported the former …


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