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Business and financing models

Business and financing models – a clear distinction

Non-technical barriers often play a critical role when it comes to increasing the number of solar cooling systems in the sunbelt countries. Business and financing models are among the important factors in overcoming non-technical barriers. In order to have an informed discussion about successful models it is important to have …
German solar thermal market

The German solar thermal market only grew slightly in the energy crisis year 2022

The German industry associations BSW Solar and BDH have published the market statistics for the German solar thermal market in 2022. With 11 % growth, collector sales developed positively. The newly installed solar thermal capacity in 2022 amounted to 496 MW, up from 448 MW in the previous year (see …
What is in the Fit for 55 package for district heating?

What is in the Fit for 55 package for district heating?

With the Fit for 55 Package in July 2021 the European Commission started the revision of the EU´s core climate and energy directives. The revisions of two of them – the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III) and the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) – have already arrived in the trilogue meetings, …
solar air collectors

Solar air collector supplier from Canada goes Europe

With rising energy costs, the need for regenerative alternatives in industry and commerce is growing. If a façade facing East, West or South of approx. 100 m2 and beyond is available, solar air collectors can be a good choice. However, these are still hardly known in Europe. The Canadian company …
cost reduction potential

IEA SHC investigates cost reduction potential of solar district heating

Transparency about costs makes claims more credible and helps energy modellers. For these reasons the IEA SHC Task 68 on Efficient Solar District Heating (SDH) has started a discussion about cost reduction potential of SDH systems. “We aim at performing the cost analysis based on interviews with representatives of industry …
speed up permission procedures

European Council speeds up permission procedures but only for solar systems on buildings

Following an EU Commission proposal, the Council of the European Union adopted its Council Regulation (EU) 2022/2577 on 19 December 2022 as a “framework to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy”. It came into force with its publication in the EU´s Official Journal on 29 December 2022. It obliges the …
compact thermal energy storage

“Stability testing is needed to investigate the market readiness of compact thermal energy storage materials”

Stability is a key issue when evaluating new phase-change materials (PCMs) or thermochemical materials (TCMs) for thermal energy storage. A loss of stability may reduce the storage capacity and/or the thermal power exchange over the operational life of compact thermal energy storage (CTES) systems. This is why the researchers of …
Big Solar Pristina

Big Solar in Kosovo replaces coal-based electric heating

The way is clear for the construction of one of the largest solar district heating plants in Europe. The financing package for the EUR 80 million project was signed on 20 December in Pristina, Kosovo. The European Commission, the KfW banking group and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development …


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