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Certification and labelling of new collector types

Certification and labelling of new collector types

GSCN and the Solergy label are continuing to grow together. More than a year ago, the Global Solar Certification Network and the Solar Heating Initiative, which developed the Solergy label, agreed to cooperate. In the recent IEA SHC Academy webinar the two initiatives gave an update on the expansion of …
Conto Termico

Conto Termico: Good incentive but with room for improvement

Conto Termico, the Italian national support scheme for renewable heating, has had an important impact on the solar thermal market. 83 % of the newly installed collector area between 2016 and 2021 received subsidies from the national scheme. This can be calculated by comparing the cumulative figures from a report …
Solar Heating in Hotel Sector

Hotel sector is important sales channel for solar industry in Brazil

ABRASOL, the Brazilian solar thermal industry association, has just published its annual market report for the year 2022. Collector sales totalled 1.25 GW (1.78 million m2) – slightly lower than the record year 2021. The 2 % decrease was caused by the economic problems last year and the political uncertainty …
Big Dish system

First Big Dish system supplies steam for a hospital in India

The world’s largest solar concentrating dish unit has been put into operation at the Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in the state of Gujarat, western India. The Big Dish system was developed by the Australian National University and the Australian company Sunrise CSP. The hospital has signed a steam …
Spanish SHIP market falters as deadlines and supply delays halt progress

Spanish SHIP market falters as deadlines and supply delays halt progress

Spain’s solar thermal industry is facing a setback as it struggles to deliver many of the projects awarded in the most recent call for commercial and industrial solar heat projects. The scheme funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) allocated EUR 108 million to support 51 solar heat projects …
feasibility studies

Feasibility studies for large solar heat plants totalling almost 1 million m2 underway

Austria is one of the leading countries in the European Union in the use of renewable energies, ranking fifth with a 36 % share of final energy consumption in the year 2021. Is Austria – like most other EU countries – focusing almost exclusively on renewable electricity generation for decarbonising …
SHIP Turnkey Supplier World Map

Mood on the SHIP market: High interest but slow decision making

Last year, gas shortages in Europe dominated the headlines for months. Energy prices peaked and heat-intensive producers had to increase the prices of their products. Against this background we asked solar industrial heat project developers for their assessment of the progress in the business. Of the around 70 companies listed …
SHIP World Market in 2022

High level of dynamism on the SHIP world market in 2022

The world market for solar process heat (SHIP) is gaining momentum. In 2022, more SHIP systems went into operation than in any year since surveys began in 2017. The project developers reported 114 systems with a capacity of 30 MW. In the preceding years the survey results showed only 71 …


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