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Future potential of solar cooling

Future potential of solar cooling

The energy demand for air-conditioning is growing faster than any other energy consumption in buildings. The main share of the projected growth for space cooling comes from emerging economies and will more than triple by 2050 to 6,000 TWh/a globally. What could be the contribution from PV and solar thermal …
Solar Award winner

IEA SHC Solar Award winner: social housing project in Namibia

The ORVI Social Housing Project in Namibia has won the IEA SHC 2022 Solar Award. Leonhard Eins, Managing Director of the Namibian company Solsquare Energy, received the award during EuroSun 2022 at the end of September (see photo). Helvi IIeka, Centre Head of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at the …
More than EUR 1 billion of incentives available in Spain

More than EUR 1 billion of incentives available in Spain

Solar thermal and heat pump technologies are currently benefiting from several incentive schemes in Spain. Until the end of 2023, these technologies are eligible for more than EUR 1 billion. For the first time, a subsidy especially for district heating & cooling has been approved with a budget of EUR …
smart district heating

Will smart district heating bring solar thermal back into focus in Germany?

Even now, when everybody is talking about heat costs and gas security, solar thermal has a hard time in Germany competing against PV and heat pump combinations. To bring solar thermal back onto the agenda, the annual conference Forum Neue Energiewelt offered a special session on smart and intelligent operation …
Small carbon footprint of large solar field in France

Small carbon footprint of large solar field in France

Green technologies also have a carbon footprint. Energy is used for raw materials, production, transport and operation. Life cycle assessment (LCA) for renewable energy technologies is, however, a relatively new field of research. But it is growing rapidly in importance, as it provides valuable insights into the carbon footprint of …
EuroSun 2022: Renewables enable crisis-proof heat supply and energy security

EuroSun 2022: Renewables enable crisis-proof heat supply and energy security

480 solar experts from more than 50 countries gathered in Kassel from 25 to 29 September 2022 for EuroSun 2022 – the International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry. The joint event of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA …
Russian Solar thermal industry

Russian solar thermal industry in deep crisis

The Russian solar thermal industry is currently experiencing a severe crisis. International solar thermal suppliers have suspended business activities in Russia due to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine. The sanctions implemented have reduced the purchasing power of local customers. Solarthermalworld.org contacted representatives of two solar thermal technology suppliers to …
E.ON offers concentrating solar heat

Average gas price of 140 EUR/MWh over the next four years

The E.ON group is positioning itself more and more as a provider of sustainable energy solutions for commercial customers. Solar industrial heat (SHIP) is one of the solutions being considered, especially because good funding is available for SHIP in many European countries, as Kevin Bär pointed out during his presentation …


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