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IEA SHC Solar Award

Solar Award recognizes outstanding solar thermal installation for process heating or cooling

The IEA SHC Programme has just launched the call for nominations for the Solar Award 2024. This year the programme will recognize an outstanding project or programme that has reduced costs and environmental impact by providing solar thermal heating or cooling to an industrial process or several processes. The nomination …
champions of PCMs and TCMs

Commercially available products and champions of PCMs and TCMs

The Compact Thermal Energy Storage group within the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling programme investigates new materials for storing heat and develops standard procedures to test their stability, heat capacity etc. This is important basic research in order to find storage materials for new applications. During the Solar Academy webinar …
Polish District heating sector

The EUR 100 billion challenge – transforming the Polish district heating sector

Poland’s energy supply is primarily fuelled by its own coal, making the air in some of the country’s cities some of the most polluted in Europe. As a member of the European Union, Poland is required to completely decarbonize its economy by 2050 by using renewable energy sources for electricity …
main drivers in Cyprus

Stable development for sunny Cyprus

In 2022 Cyprus achieved an impressive 5 % increase in its solar collector area additions, reaching the pre-Pandemic level of 74,000 m2 of newly installed collector area (51.8 MW). This growth was not only the result of the ongoing and extensive public grant schemes but also the “widespread development of …
solar air heating

“Exclusion of uncovered collectors from German funding schemes is no longer appropriate”

Demand for solar air heating for agricultural drying as well as heating warehouses, factories and sports halls is growing in Germany. The main suppliers of solar air collectors in Central Europe: Grammer, Cona, SolarVenti, Etapart and kWhplus all confirm this trend. However, the funding agencies in Germany make a big …
heat transition in Germany

Largest solar industrial heat plant in Germany heats gas

Mid-November was a turbulent week for the heat transition in Germany. On 21 November, one of the largest solar process heat plants in Germany went into operation – a 1.5 MW vacuum tube collector field for a gas pressure regulating system. In the same week, HeatExpo, a trade fair specifically …
solar neighborhoods

Interdisciplinary author team answers ten questions concerning planning and design strategies for solar neighborhoods

10 key questions, 12 authors and two years of drafting time led to a comprehensive paper on planning and design strategies for solar neighborhoods, which has just been published by the journal Building and Environment. The initiative originated from Associate Professor Maria Wall, who heads IEA SHC Task 63 on …
Positive Energy Districts

Step by step, the Bulgarian city of Smolyan is aiming to become an energy-positive city

At the beginning of October 2023, the EU project +CityxChange came to an end with a final conference in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Since its launch, the two lighthouse cities Trondheim (Norway) and Limerick (Ireland), together with their so-called follower cities Alba Iulia (Romania), Pisek (Czech Republic), Võru (Estonia), …


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