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guaranteed solar heat yields

Guaranteed yields are standard for new solar district heating plants in Germany

Solar thermal energy is still unknown territory for many district heating companies. Contractually guaranteed solar heat yields from the turnkey provider of the collector field are therefore the rule and mitigate the risk for the investor. We spoke with Christoph Bühler, Division Manager at the German SDH plant designer Ritter …
Solar energy in wastewater treatment

“There is high potential for using solar energy in wastewater treatment”

In a circular economy the efficient supply of carbon-free energy and the recovery of resources as well as the treatment of wastewater must go hand in hand. In the IEA SHC Task 62 on Solar Energy in Industrial Water & Wastewater Management more than 50 experts worked intensively together to …
high-solar-fraction buildings

Demo projects of high-solar-fraction buildings carefully analysed

The IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme addresses the question of what is needed to reach a high degree of self-sufficiency in solar energy buildings and blocks. A research group within the IEA SHC Task 66 on Solar Energy Buildings has identified 20 completed or planned mostly residential building projects …
New developments in geomembranes

New developments in geomembranes for pit heat storages

Large solar thermal systems need large heat storage capabilities. Especially if the solar heat is to contribute significantly more than 25 % to a district heating network. Pit thermal energy storage (PTES) is a cost-effective way to build large heat storage facilities with 100,000 m3 and more. A key component …
Solar Industrial Heat Outlook

Promising Solar Industrial Heat Outlook 2023-2026

Solar industrial heat is on a growth path. A worldwide survey of project developers shows an extremely positive trend for the next few years. 62 plants with 331 MW are being planned – half of them in Europe. The Solar Industrial Heat Outlook 2023-2026 presents the results of the survey …
open data set

Open data sets have great importance when analysing and optimising operation strategies for solar district heating plants

A complete annual data set of monitoring results for a solar district heating plant is an important prerequisite for meaningful simulations of such systems and for developing of monitoring algorithms. That is why the scientists working on IEA SHC Task 68 on Efficient Solar District Heating are committed to ensuring …
Green Heat subsidy scheme

Green Heat subsidy scheme in Flanders supports concentrating solar heat plants

Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, will see a series of concentrating solar process heat systems go into operation in the next year. The starting point is the 2.5 MW parabolic trough collector field at Avery Dennison, a leading global packaging and materials manufacturer in Turnhout, inaugurated at the beginning …
Tests of solar water heaters

Tests of solar water heaters in China aim at improving standards

More than a third of the newly installed collector area in 2021 globally was thermosiphon systems. They dominate sales in many Asian and Latin American countries. The IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme’s Task 69, “Solar Hot Water for 2030” is investigating performance and failure modes to provide the technology …


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