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Solergy label goes global

Certification and labelling: Experts answer questions from the industry

Third-party quality control is key for consumers. Labelling of products supports customers in taking the right decisions. For solar collectors in Europe, Solergy is such a quality label. It shows how much collectors can contribute to a CO2-free heat supply in different locations and at different temperature levels. In close …
Zero Emission Building Design

Emission-free heat supply for new building area in Austria

For an emission-free energy supply for new and existing buildings on industrial wasteland in Reutte, Tyrol, Austria, the project developers are using PVT collectors. The Zero Emission Building Design concept of the Austrian company Simona Alexe – greenixcloud convinced the investors. They want to build a new commercial, industrial and …
solar heat plant for leisure resort

Construction imminent on 77 MW solar heat plant for leisure resort

Construction is about to start on a 77 MW solar heat plant for the Water World leisure resort in Handan, a city in the northern Chinese province of Hebei. The materials for the 110,000 m2 field of parabolic trough collectors are already on site. The car parks, on the roofs …
industrial solar heat in Spain

The big names in Spain’s picking up industrial solar heat market

The latest call for solar heat projects in service and industry in Spain created quite intensive sales activities for technology providers. The Thermal Energy Production scheme awarded funding to 51 solar thermal systems totalling 61 MW. A handful of Spanish companies will provide the technology and installation services for most …
Minimum Energy Performance Standards

EU Minimum Energy Performance Standards: Powerful tool or threat?

The draft of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) from mid-December 2021 includes a number of powerful amendments (see pdfs at the end of the article). Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for existing buildings and a definition of Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) are new key elements. Reporting has …
Ranking of flat plate collectors

Economic tailwind for large flat plate collector producers globally

Consolidation among the global solar thermal industry continued in 2021. The 20 largest flat plate collector manufacturers listed in the ranking managed to increase production by, on average, 15 % last year. This is significantly higher than in the previous year, with 9 %. The reasons for the growth are …
Solar Energy Buildings

How to get renewable energy to buildings in dense urban areas

On 23 March 2022, the first industry workshop organised by IEA SHC Task 66 – Solar Energy Buildings showcased solar building ideas from different corners of the globe, including the first mandatory solar building regulations in China and Mexico’s rules on energy efficiency and solar energy in the construction sector …
Reduce dependence of Russian gas

High fossil fuel prices and generous support drive up demand in France

Two weeks before the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, France’s President Emmanuel Macron gave a speech in which he detailed his strategy for developing the nation’s energy sector. He left no doubt that nuclear energy would continue to play a central role, but at the same time attributed growing …
Merging decades of solar expertise

Merging decades of solar expertise

The merger of the two Swiss companies Energie Solaire and Soltop Schuppisser in October 2021 has created a multifaceted enterprise in the field of green building technology. The new company Soltop Energie chaired by Wolfgang Thiele has taken over all the employees, who have several decades of experiences in the …
Mexico City Solar Capital

México City: solar capital facing obstacles

Mexico City has recorded successes and setbacks on its journey as a solar capital. Claudia Sheinbaum, the Mayor of the city with 20 million inhabitants, announced the Energy Sustainability Strategy in May 2019. Since then, a pleasing 15,000 residential solar thermal systems have been installed city-wide, driven by direct subsidies …
Chinese solar thermal industry

Policy supports gains for the Chinese solar thermal industry

The Chinese solar thermal industry has ended its downslide. With 18.9 GWth in 2021, the manufacturers produced the same amount of solar thermal capacity as in the previous year. The Chinese Solar Thermal Industry Status Report 2021 assessed the “zero growth” as a great business year after eight years of …
Zero Capex solar heat

Zero CAPEX solar heat for Mexican industry

Local manufacturer and installer Inventive Power has completed what is reportedly the “first solar generated vapour purchase agreement in Latin America”. The Zero CAPEX model, similar to an ESCO agreement for heating, offers high investment return rates. Since December 2021 a 332 kW parabolic trough plant has been delivering solar …


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