Country: Chile

Chile: DGS and ACESOL agree to mutual Membership

German-Chilean cooperation in the field of solar energy: On 7 November 2010, the German Solar Energy Society (DGS) and the Chilean Solar Association ACESOL reached an agreement on reciprocal membership […]

Chile: Producing Collectors in Jail

Chile's first - and so far, only - collector manufacturer is producing its collectors at the Colina 1 jail in Santiago de Chile. The workers earn a wage which allows […]

“My hope is that Chile innovates in the area of

Pablo Pastene Peirano is the Solar Energy Programme Director of the Fundación Chile. He is an expert in Chile's renewable technologies. spoke with him about the solar thermal market […]

Chile: Tax Rebate for Construction Companies

Sunny Chile: On 19 November 2009, the National Energy Commission held a presentation on the “regulatory framework for solar thermal in Chile” that led to the introduction of a new […]

Peru and Chile: Transsen’s Expansion Strategy

The newly formed Directive Board of Transsen Peru (left to right): Edson Pereira (President of Transsen Brazil), Abel Gutiérrez, Victor Bazualdo and Newton U. Koeke (International Business Manager of Transsen […]