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Italy: New Regulations for All Incentive Schemes

The new Italian budget Law 147 from December 2013 also includes important chapters on renewable energy and energy efficiency regulations. The law extends both the 65% tax deduction for energy […]

Italy: Choice between Three Different Incentives

At the beginning of August, Decree No. 63 of 2013 was turned into Law No. 90 of 2013. This new law implements Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings, […]

Italy: 55 % Tax Deductions until 30 June 2013

The latest amendments to Italy’s tax deduction policies resulted in good – and bad – news. According to the “Decree on Growth”, which became effective on 25 July 2012, the […]

Poland: Draft of Renewable Energy Sources Law

On 22 December 2011, the Polish Ministry of Economy presented the draft of a new Renewable Energy Sources Law. It includes a renewable building obligation for the private and public […]

Poland: Rapid Growth in 2011

The stagnation in the Polish solar thermal market in 2010 seems already ancient history: The Polish Institute of Renewable Energy - EC BREC (IEO) - expects the solar thermal market […]