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Kuwait’s government supports solar thermal projects

The Kuwaiti-based company Ecobuild/Ecobold General Trading* is about to finish the installation of six solar hot water systems totalling 742 m2 of collector area on new campus buildings at Sabah […]

What simulation tools to use for SHIP?

As use of solar heat in manufacturing is still at an early stage, planners and engineers require tools to model and compare differently sized systems and ideas for process integration. […]

Low-Energy Buildings: Solar Thermal, PV or Heat Pump?

What is the best way to supply heat and power to low-energy buildings? Although there is no single answer to this question, simulated the installation of a solar thermal […]

Solar cooling: a new Field for Simulations

Solar cooling is a promising new field of application for solar thermal technology. A new version of the simulation software Polysun will be published in April. It will not only […]