The IETS TCP´s International Conference, 2023, Sweden

Industry is one of the largest GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emitting sectors globally. The transformation of this sector for higher energy efficiency and GHG mitigation is crucial for industrial and societal economy and climate.   "This is where the industry, academy and policy makers meet to discuss measures, opportunities and obstacles for achieving a future energy-efficient […]

100% RHC Event 2023, Turin, Italy

You are kindly invited to the yearly conference "Towards 100% renewable energy-based heating and cooling in Europe: A secure energy supply in times of crisis" by RHC-ETIP (the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling). ➜ Event Website ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The conference will take place in Turin, Italy, on May 25. It will […]

European Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels, Belgium

The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will once again be held in a hybrid format this year, with speakers and audiences having the option to participate both in person in Brussels and virtually from June 20–22, 2023. ➜ Event Website ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Policy Conference this year will provide sharp insights into the skills opportunities and […]

Solar & Energy Storage Summit 2023

The discussions for accelerating the development of North American solar and storage through the transformative impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and advancing the transition to a clean energy future will continue at Wood Mackenzie's Solar Energy and Storage Summit, now in its sixteenth year. ➜ Event Website ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Join the leading grid-scale utilities, […]

Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona, 2023

The global population is expected to grow to 10B by 2050, and 70% of these people will live in cities. In 40 years, we will have built as many new cities as in all of human history.#   "Let’s keep spurring the smart urban revolution towards human-centric cities always inspired by people." -> Event Website […]

Smart Energy Systems International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Smart Energy System concept is essential for cost‐effective 100% renewable energy systems. The concept includes a focus on energy efficiency, end use savings and sector integration to establish energy system flexibility, harvest synergies by using all infrastructures and lower energy storage cost. The aim of the conference is to create a forum for the […]

The 29th SolarPACES Conference, Sydney, Australia

Over the past three decades, SolarPACES has played a significant role in the advancement of concentrating solar thermal technology. Policymakers, financiers, developers, researchers, and professionals from all around the world meet and discuss ideas, advancements, and opportunities during the conference. ➜ Event Website ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The 29th conference will also give attendees the chance to take […]

Renewable Thermal Collaborative Summit 2023, Washington, DC

Join the RTC community's fourth annual summit on October 19–20 at the Park Hyatt in Washington, DC! Large thermal energy consumers, providers of renewable energy solutions, financiers, governments, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to decarbonizing global thermal energy usage will all be present at the event. ➜ Event Website _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is an important occasion for […]

Solar World Congress, New Delhi, India

The ISES Solar World Congress, which will take place in New Delhi, India, from 30 October to 4 November 2023, will offer a platform for scientists, researchers, engineers, architects, and representatives from business and industry to present and discuss their most recent results, advancements, and viewpoints. ➜ Event Website ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Plenary sessions, keynote addresses, technical […]

International Sustainable Energy Conference (ISEC) 2024, Graz, Austria

AEE Intec

The focus of ISEC 2024 will be on how we can achieve energy sovereignty within a time horizon dictated by climate change and defined by politics. Global solutions such as the transformation of our economic system towards a sustainable circular economy, the complete phase-out of fossil fuels, the implementation of sector coupling and energy storage […]

Symposium Solar Thermal Heat and Innovative Heat Systems, Staffelstein, Germany

The solar thermal symposium brings together sciencists, suppliers and practitioners to give solar thermal the focus it deserves as an ecologically and economically sensible application in the building and industry sector. The German speaking conference provides a good overview of current trends in the market and in research in German-speaking countries. Attendees can meet representatives […]

EuroHeat&Power Congress 2024, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Euroheat & Power Congress is Euroheat & Power’s flagship business event. It offers on an annual basis exclusive perspectives on legislation, business models, technology and market developments shaping the district heating and cooling industry. The organisers expect to brings together over 450 business executives, more than 30 exhibitors, 60+ speakers and local authority representatives […]

Solar Colloquium 2024, Cologne, Germany

Solar Thermal Energy on the Rise - Perspectives for Heat Transition and Sustainable Fuels. The event will highlight the increasing importance of solar thermal energy as a key technology for the heat transition. It will focus on the potential of solar thermal energy for heat generation in various areas of application and its role in […]