Country: Romania

Spain: Export Helps Solar Thermal Industry Survive

One of the biggest Spanish collector manufacturers, Termicol, can still celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. The company has managed to counter the decline in the Spanish market by expanding […]

Poland: Sunex to go public by September

Becoming a publicly traded company by September: the first step of Sunex' strategy to enter new markets and invest in a factory outside the country. The solar collector manufacturer will […]

Romania: Casa Verde Programme continues on 1 June

The 1 June 2011 saw the relaunch of the Romanian subsidy Programme Casa Verde. The programme, originally initiated in 2010, provides financial assistance for the installation of solar collectors, heat […]

Denmark: Delivering Solar Heat at a fixed price

The newly founded Danish company of Nordic Clean Energy (NCE) offers operators of district and local community heating grids all over Europe a feed-in of solar heat from large collector […]