Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Financing Facility II (WeBSEFF II)

WeBSEFF II is the recent successor of WeBSEFF, which the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction (EBRD) launched in 2009 as a financing facility to grant favourable loan rates for energy efficiency and small renewable energy projects in the Western Balkan countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia and Serbia. WeBSEFF II, the succeeding fund with EUR 75 million, is said to also allow private companies and public institutions from the South-East European countries of Albania, Croatia, Kosovo and Montenegro to apply for loans and incentive grants. But although WeBSEFF II already started in July 2013, it has yet to be decided from which countries cooperating banks will participate – hence, in which countries WeBSEFF II loans will be actually available.

Country / Region

The Western Balkan countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

Name of program

Western Balkan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility II (WeBSEFF II)

Type of incentive

Combination of loans and grants

Eligible technologies

Different installations for energy efficiency and renewable energies, such as solar thermal systems for hot water and space heating, cooling as well as drying

Applicable sectors

Private enterprises, public institutions and energy service companies (ESCOs)


Loan for 100% of the project costs, up to EUR 2 million in case of private companies and up to EUR 2.5 million in case of public institutions

Maximum incentive

Incentives for successfully implemented projects: Between 5 % and 10 % of the approved loan amount for private companies and 10 % to 15 % for public institutions

Requirements for system

Not specified

Requirements for installation

Not specified

Finance provider

Participating commercial banks

Total funds

EUR 75 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for loans

EUR 11.5 million from the European Union for technical assistance and incentive grants

Funding sources


Effective date

July 2013

Expiration date

July 2017



Last review of this tabloid

August 2013


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Baerbel Epp

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