Subsidy for retrofitting SWH in social housing

In February the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism in Chile restarted a subsidy scheme that supports the installation of a solar thermal system for existing social housing units. The most current application round ended at 30 September 2018. 

Country / region


Name of programme

Family Wealth Protection Program (PPPF)

Type of incentive

Direct subsidy

Eligible technologies

Various technologies, including solar water heating systems for retrofit

Applicable sectors

Housing owners or building owners community

Target group

Owners of existing social housing units which have a value of not more than UDF 650 (USD 27,718)

UDF stands for Unidades de Fomento, Chile’s inflation-adjusted accounting currency

Maximum Direct Subsidy

Between UDF 50 and 65 (between USD 2,110 and 2,743) per housing unit depending on the municipality where it is located


  • Certified constructor and designers
  • List of technical assistance entities authorised by the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism
  • The applicant must demonstrate to achieve savings of at least 3 UDF (126 USD) in the first months before applying for the subsidy

Effective date

2006, relaunched February 2017, with the latest call for applications being published in May 2018 with the deadline on 30 September 2018

Expiration date

1 allocation round 2018: 30th of September 2018

3 allocation rounds 2017: 17th April 2017, 30th June 2017, 17th November 2017


Last review of this tabloid

September 2018


Ministry of Housing and Urbanism (MINVU)
Santiago – Chile
Phone: 0056 / 2 2 901 11 11


Baerbel Epp

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