State subsidies for solar thermal energy in Macedonia

Since 2007 the Macedonian government maintains its Programme for partial subsidising of purchased and installed solar thermal collectors in households. In 2017 the available amount has been increased from MKD 6 million (EUR 100,000) to MDK 16 million (EUR 260,000). Applicants can get up to 30% of the costs for buying and installing solar water heaters, but not more than EUR 300 per system. The applicant has to send the bill for the purchase and installation of the solar thermal system to the Macedonian Ministry of Economy. The allocation procedure follows the principle “first come, first serve“.

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Country / Region

North Macedonia

Name of programme

Programme for partial subsidising of purchased and installed solar water heaters for households

Type of incentive

Investment subsidy

Eligible technologies

Residential solar water heaters

Applicable sectors

Private home owners


Up to 30% of the system costs including installation, but not more than EUR 300

Maximum incentive

EUR 300

Requirements for system

According to EN/ISO standards

Requirements for installation

No requirements defined

Finance provider

Macedonian Ministry of Economy

Total funds

Macedonian Denar (MDK) 16 million (EUR 260,000) – increased budget for 2017 up from MKD 6 million (EUR 100,000)

Funding sources

State budget of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Effective date

Programme was started in 2007 and submitted grants also in 2009, 2011 and 2012 to 2016. The most current round started on 31 January 2017

Expiration date

First come, first serve until funds are used completely


Last review of this tabloid

February 2017


Macedonian Ministry of Economy
Yuri Gagarin Street 15
1000 Skopje
Tel. 00389/ 2/ 3093 485


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