Solar Feed in Tariff for solar heating plants

In the Netherlands, a feed in tariff is paid for solar thermal plants with a capacity of 140 kWth or above. In the case of solar heat, the tariff was 9.5 EURct/kWh during the application period in spring and autumn 2017. However, the incentives are only meant to bridge the gap between market and production price, not to pay for all costs associated with renewable energy generation. A “correction amount” is applied to take into account the market price of the energy produced. It was set to 2.9 EUR cent/kWh of solar heat in spring 2017 and will be adjusted if the situation on the market changes so that solar thermal investers receive 6.6 EURct/kWh. The subsidy is paid over no more than 15 years.

Country / region


Name of programme


Type of incentive

Feed in Tariff

Eligible technologies

Solar thermal (above 140 kWth), photovoltaics, biomass, wind energy

Applicable sectors



Maximum of 6.6 EURct/kWh produced solar heat for the two tender periods in March and October 2017 (The maximum solar heat tariff is specified at 9.5 EUR/kWh and is reduced by the correction amount to take into account the market price of energy produced which is set at 2.8 EURct/kWh). The subsidy is paid over no more than 15 years.  

Maximum incentive

Feed in tariff is calculated for 700 full load hours per year and is paid over maximum 15 years

Requirements for system

Solar thermal systems should have a glazed collector

Requirements for installation

Operation must start in at least three years after approval of the subsidy

Finance provider

Ministry of Economic Affairs via the Netherlands Enterpise Agency as the administrator of the programme

Total funds

Budget is allocated for each tender period
For March and October 2017 a maximum budget across all technologies of EUR 6 billion € is available.

Funding source

Levy on electricity bills

Effective date

2015, but with an improvement of tariffs for solar thermal in 2016

Expiration date

Tenders two times a year


Last review of this tabloid

August 2018


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