Residential Energy Saving programme in Lviv Region Extended

The low-interest loans programme in the Ukraine Region of Lviv started in 2006 and stopped temporary at the end of December 2012. At 4 April, the regional administration approved the new round of low-interest loans from 2013 to 2016. Six banks and ten financial institutions across the Lviv region are involved in the programme financed by the Lviv’s regional budget. Find more details about the incentive programme in the table below and in the news “Ukraine: First low-interest Loan Programme spreads across Lviv.”

At the beginning of 2018 the Bank Lviv confirmed that the programme is still open. 

Country / region  


Name of programme  

Energy Saving programme for residents of the Lviv region for the year 2013-2016

Type of incentive  

Low-interest loans

Eligible technologies  

solar water heating systems, insulation, replacing of windows, frames or doors, replacing of electric heating systems, installation of energy efficient air conditioning systems,

Applicable sectors  

Private persons that are residents of the Lviv region


  • Subsidizes 15% of the current market interest rate for energy saving arrangements 
  • Subsidizes 20% of the current market interest rate for energy sources other than gas.
  • Solar thermal systems are in the second category  

Maximum incentive  

Depends on the maximum loan of the specific bank in the Lviv area, the current market interest rate and on the type of arrangement.

Requirements for system  

No requirements

Requirements for installation  

No requirements

Finance provider  

The Lviv region: (The programme runs in a way that private banks provide loans to customers and the regional administration pays the subsidy to the account of customers.) 

Total funds  

UAH 15,450,000 (EUR 1.45 million)

Funding source  

Regional budget

Effective date  

5 April 2013

Expiration date  



Last review of this tabloid  

January 2018


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