Otthon Melege (Warm Homes) programme

Otthon Melege (Warm Homes) programme  is a state incentive scheme suitable for solar thermal energy installation among other efficiancy measures for buildings. The investment grants are offered in seperated calls (end of August 2016, June 2017) and the budget was usually exhausted within a few hours.
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Country / Region


Names of programs

Otthon Melege (Warm Homes) programme

Type of incentive

Incentive grant

Eligible technologies

Various energy efficient and renewable energy technologies including solar thermal energy systems

Applicable sectors

Home owners and home owners cooperatives


Investment grant of 40% of the eligible gross costs

Maximum incentive

Maximum amount of subsidy per application: HUF 700,000 (EUR 2,500)

Require-ments for system


Finance provider

Ministry for National Development in cooperation with National Development and Strategic Institute (NFSI)

Total fund

Otthon Melege HUF 20.4 billion (EUR 66 million)

Funding sources

CO2 emissions trading

Effective date


Expiration date



Application calls within the Otthon Melege programme are published on the following website

Last review of this tabloid

June 2017


Issues with the application process can be solved by
National Development and Strategic Institute (NFSI)
Phone numbers: +36 70 945 4294, +36 70 945 4250


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