Investment subsidy for plants up to 200 m²

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency administers since the beginning of 2016 a subsidy scheme for residential solar water heater systems as well as solar combi systems (hot water and space heating) with currently EUR 100 million EUR annually. 

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Country / region


Name of programme

Investerings Subsidie Duurzame Energie (ISDE)
(English: Investment subsidy sustainable energy)

Type of incentive

Investment subsidy

Eligible technologies

Solar thermal, heat pumps, biomass boilers and pellet stoves

Applicable sectors

Solar domestic hot water or combi systems (hot water and spcae heating), applications by private persons and small-scale businesses


Grant level for solar hot water systems depend on the performance according to the energy labelling directive.

List of eligible systems between 5 and 10 m² including the grant level are available online.

Maximum incentive

Not relevant, since subsidy depends on performance data

Requirements for system

Maximum size is a collector area of 200 m². Larger systems can apply for SDE+

Systems should have all documents for the energy labelling directive. Subsidy is based on the Qnonsolar that is indicated on these documents.

Requirements for installation

Installed from a “qualified technician”

Finance provider

Ministry of Economic Affairs via the Netherlands Enterprise Agency as the administrator of the programme

Total funds

Annual allocated budget
2018: EUR 100 million
2017: EUR 90 million
2016: EUR 70 million

Funding source

Levy on electricity bills

Effective date

1 January 2016

Expiration date

31 December 2020

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Last review of this tabloid

August 2018


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Phone 0031 (0)88 042 42 42


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