India: Rebate Programme for 400,000 m² in public, social and industrial sector

On 22 January 2014, the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energies (MNRE) has officially announced the allocation of Indian Rupees (INR) 1.08 billion (around EUR 13.32 million) for a 24-months programme. Solar hot water and solar process heat installations receive funding of 3,000 INR/m² (around 37 EUR/m²). The programme will be implemented by State Novel Agencies (SNAs) and Channel Partners accredited by the MNRE. 

Country / region


Name of programme

Industrial and Institutional solar thermal collector systems for water heating needs targeting 0.4 million m² until January 2016

Type of incentive


Eligible technologies

Flat plate and vacuum tube collectors

Applicable sectors

  • Institutions like government buildings, hostels, community living places, other non-profit organisations
  • Industries for process heat and cooking


3,000 INR/m² (around 37 EUR/m²)

Maximum incentive

3,000 INR/m² (around 37 EUR/m²)

Requirements for system

Water temperature controller must prevent overheating

Requirements for installation

Not specified

Finance provider

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India

Total funds

Total INR 1.08 billion (around EUR 13.32 million)

Funding source

National Clean Energy Fund (NCEF) of Government of India

Effective date

November 2013

Expiration date

October 2015


Last review of this tabloid

March 2014


Ministry of New and Renewable Energies
Mrs Veena Sinha
Director Energy Access & Solar Thermal
New Delhi


Baerbel Epp

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