Grants for solar thermal in public buildings

During the next three years public institutions in Croatia can apply for grants to finance the energy efficient renovation of their buildings. Also the installation of renewable energy sources like solar thermal collectors are an eligible technology to be supported. A total of HRK 380 million (EUR 50.2 million) is provided by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF). By pushing the implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy facilities the Croatian government aims to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling in public buildings by 50%.

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Country / region


Name of programme

„Energy Renewal and Use of Renewable Energy Sources in Public Sector Buildings“

Type of incentive


Eligible technologies

All energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies for building renovation incl. solar thermal facilites for heating and cooling

Applicable sectors

Public institutions or religious communities and associations with public authorities special law

Amount and maximum incentive

Grants between HRK 80,000 (ca. EUR 12,500) and HRK 40,000,000 (ca. EUR 6,24 Mio)

Requirements for system

Not specified

Requirements for installation

Not specified

Finance provider

Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF)

Total funds

HRK 380 million (ca. EUR 50,2 million)

Funding source

European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI)

Effective date

16 November 2017

Expiration date

31 December 2020


Last review of this tabloid

November 2017


Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Fund (EPEEF)
Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb
Telephone: +385 1 5391 800
Fax: +385 1 5391 810


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