Grants for large-scale commercial solar plants

In 2015 the national energy agency Ademe in France started a large-scale solar thermal support scheme with two submission deadlines annually. There are two new submission deadlines planned for March and November 2018. Between 2015 and 2017 a total of 14 applications were submitted and six of them approved.

Country / region


Name of programme

Appel à projets national Grandes Installations Solaires Thermiques (National call for projects Large Solar Thermal Installations)

Type of incentive

Investment grant

Eligible technologies

Solar thermal

Applicable sectors

Multi-family buildings, industry, hospitals, district heating


None restrictive

Maximum incentive

60% of the investment, according to the beneficiary status. Target is a subsidy under 250 EUR / ton equivalent petrol

Requirements for system

  • Multi-family buildings, industry, hospitals: >300 m² collector area
  • District heating >500 m² collector area and minimum 50 % renewable energies/waste heat usage

Requirements for installation

Minimum useable solar yield:

Northern region: 350 kWh/m²a

Southern region: 400 kWh/m²a

Mediterranean region: 450 kWh/m²a

To prove this, a monitoring must be done with certified sensors. Maintenance must be assured. Beforehand, a feasibility study is required.

If the plant is installed for a building, it must be in accordance with thermal building code “Reglementation Thermique”

Finance provider


Total funds

So far, 3 million EUR have been granted for this tender

Funding source

Public funds

Effective date

June 2015, with two tender rounds annually

Tender schedule for 2018

April and November 2018


Last review of this tabloid

December 2017


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