France: Call for proposals New Emerging Technologies (Nouvelles Technologies Emergentes, also known as NTE)

This call for proposals aims at subsidizing technologies or systems that are already on the market but still in an early phase, such as solar cooling, solar heating in multi-family housing or hydrid systems (solar+heat pumps).
In order to gather feedbacks on these technologies, and with the purpose to integrate them in a more appropriate support scheme, the ADEME wish to evaluate the real performances of these solutions in a number of pilot projects. The installations must therefore be monitored. 
The call for proposals is open once a year in December, with 2 closing dates in February and July 2017.

Country / region


Name of programme 

Call for proposals NTE (New Emerging technologies) / Appel à projets Nouvelles technologies émergentes (NTE)

Type of incentive 


Eligible technologies 

Solar thermal, other renewable technologies (geothermal, biomass, heat recovery systems) and also technologies mixing energy efficiency and renewables.

Applicable sectors 

Multi-family houses, industry, agriculture and commercial sector

Maximum incentive for a pre-study 

Maximum 70% of the pre-study costs can be subsidized.

Incentive for the investment 

The average subsidy is around 30% of the investment cost. But NTE can also only subsidize the costs of the monitoring. The percentage of the subsidy depends on the status of the applicant and can be between 50% and 70% of the monitoring service costs.

Requirements for the system

For solar district heating, the minimum for the solar array is 500 m2

Requirements for installation 

Equipments must be certified
References of the system must already exist in France or abroad
Detailed economic analysis
Relevant level of coverage of the energy needs
Monitoring and precise follow-up for at least 24 months

Finance provider 

Regional directorates of Ademe – the French Energy Agency

Total funds 

EUR 3 million for 2016 (EUR 5,2 million in 2015)

Funding source 

Public funds

First call for proposals 

April 2013

Last opening date for proposals

28th December 2015

Last closing date for proposals 

18th February 2016

Next closing date for proposals

13th July 2016

Next opening date for proposals

1st December 2016


Last review of this tabloid 

March 2016


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