Carbon Trust 0% Interest Loans in Great Britain

The UK Carbon Trust is now focusing only on Wales and Northern Ireland with its interest-free loans for Small and Medium Businesses. The scheme was eligible also for England and Scottland in the past, however was stopped in March 2011 in these two states.

Country Wales and Northern Ireland
Name of programme   Carbon Trust Interest Free Loans
Type of incentive   Loan
Eligible technologies   Any project that can demonstrate energy saving in excess of the C02 threshold of 1.50 tCO2 per 1,000 Pound Sterling (GBP) of loan.Among the eligible technologies are solar thermal systems, heat recovery, building insulation and pipe insulation.
Applicable sectors  

Small and medium businesses that are:

  • Fewer than 250 full time or equivanlent emplyees
  • An annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million (approximately Pound Sterling (GBP)) and/or assets not exceeding EUR 43 million (approximately GBP 36.5 million) 
  • No controlling interest of more than 25 % by a non-SME
Excluded sectors   The acquisition or adaptation of vehicles, or to organisations involved in agricultural or fisheries products (production, processing, or marketing prior to the first sale) or export-related activities
Minimum loan   3,000 GBP
Amount / maximum loan 100,000 GBP
Terms of loan   The 0 % interest loan
Requirements for system   GBP 1,000 of loan for every 1.5 tCO2 saved per annum for a project. The size of the loan offered and its repayment period will be based on the projected CO2 savings of a project, which will be assessed by the Carbon Trust.   
Finance provider   Carbon Trust
Total funds   100 million GBP
Effective date   2003 accross the UK, however was stopped March 2011 in Scottland and England
Expiration date   n/a
Last review of this tabloid   February 2013
How to apply Via the website   


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