Annual tenders for large-scale solar heating and cooling systems

Since 2000 the Austrian Energy and Climate fund offers annual tenders for large-scale solar process heat or solar district heating plants. Also solar heating systems for commercial buildings which cover more than 20 % of the entire heating demand of the building are eligible and new technologies or innovative approaches receive funding. 
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Country / region


Name of programme

Solar thermal – large-scale systems

Type of incentive

Investment subsidy

Eligible technologies

Solar heating and cooling in four non-residential applications:

  1. Solar process heating and cooling
  2. Solar district heating
  3. Commercial buildings that reach a solar share of their total heat demand of more than 20%
  4. New technologies or innovative approaches

Applicable sectors



Eligible costs include solar field, hydraulics, installation, monitoring and planning

Collector areas up to 2,000 m² receive 40 % of the eligible costs (plus 5 % for SMEs)

Collector areas between 2,001 and 5,000 m² receive 30 %

Collector areas above 5,001 m² receive 20 %

Maximum incentive

The maximum level of incentive depends on the application field

  1. 700 EUR/MWh useful solar yield
  2. 550 EUR/MWh useful solar yield
  3. 950 EUR/MWh useful solar yield
  4. No limits

Requirements for system

Application field 1 to 3: Collector area between 100 and 10,000 m²

Application field 4: Collector area between 50 and 500 m²

Requirements for installation

Selected plants are monitored and the owner hands over the data to the researchers responsible for the monitoring

Finance provider

Austrian Energy and Climate fund

Total funds

Total budget for 2017: EUR 2,600,000

Funding source


Effective date

25 April 2017

Expiration date

Annual tender, applications excepted until 22 September 2017

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Last review of this tabloid

July 2017


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