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Terms and conditions for using this website
When visiting and using http://www.solarthermalworld.org (hereafter called the portal), the user accepts the terms and conditions listed here.

Anonymous and authenticated users
Users that do not register are called anonymous users and are free to browse through the pages accessible from the homepage via a standard browser.

Authenticated users have to pass through the portal’s registration procedure. Registration is subject to administrator approval. After login, authenticated users are free to browse through the pages accessible from the homepage via a standard browser that accepts cookies. Authentication also provides access to premium content and services, at the discretion of the portal owner.

The authenticated user accepts that the portal tracks the user’s url and IP address and the pages visited. When registering, the user acknowledges that the portal manages user coordinates in a database for identification, for informing the user on the status of the portal, and for promotional use by the portal.

When checking the box “accept e-mail”, or when subscribing to newsletters, the user agrees to receive e-mails from the owner, or other users, of the portal. However, the portal accepts no responsibility for the views expressed by users in their e-mails to other users.

In entering professional data in the registration form, or on the user page, the user acknowledges that other users have access to this information. The portal is not responsible for any inappropriate use of such information.

The portal does not transfer user data to any third party. Users can change their own user data via the portal, and can also de-register at any time. While the portal provides a basic security infrastructure that prevents users changing or deleting data from others, it cannot guarantee the privacy of user data against attacks by professional hackers.

Correct user identification
While authenticated users are required to provide their full name, the portal owner takes no steps to confirm this. Authenticated users are assumed not to mislead other users on their identity.

The GSTEC portal is a source of education and information sharing amongst like-minded professionals. User comments, or any other kind of information, placed onto the portal are to be made in a professional language and without any political, religious or ideological statement. The portal owner reserves the right to moderate or remove inappropriate contributions, without prior notice and without explanation. In case of repeated inappropriate use (spam comments, abrasive language use, anonymous comments, …), the portal can temporarily or definitely suspend authentication or ban the user at any moment, without prior notice or explanation.

In particular, comments need to be relevant to the post, and add further information. Links are welcome, provided they add to the conversation – links for self-promotion will be removed from comments. Such links should be added to a user’s personal profile.

Comments should not be used for general information requests. These can be made using the contact form.

Unless specifically stated otherwise in a publication, content on the site is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

In providing information to the portal, the user warrants that it is free from copyright and indemnifies the portal against third-party liability.

Terms and conditions
The user accepts that the portal owner has the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

The owner of the portal is the European Copper Institute, Tervurenlaan 168 b10, B-1150 Brussels, Belgium.

Eventual disputes through the use of this portal will be under Belgian law.