Solar obligation by the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Solar obligation by the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Solar obligation by the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The state of Rio de Janeiro is the front runner in terms of solar building codes on a state level. In January 2008, its state government approved a law that makes the installation of solar water heating systems mandatory for public buildings.


StateRio de Janeiro
NameLei N° 5184 from 2 January 2008
GoalSolar thermal systems are mandatory for new and refurbished public buildings in Rio de Janeiro. Solar energy must cover 40 % of the annual hot water demand.
Date when law passedPublished on 2 January 2008
Date when law came into effectJanuary 2008
Target groupPublic buildings
Special requirementsThe materials and equipment used in implementing the system have to comply to the Brazilian norm NBR, and the Brazilian Technical Standards Association (Portuguese: ABNT).
A technical body will then test its efficiency, so that the system can be accredited by the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Quality Industrial (INMETRO).
ExceptionsPublic buildings, in which it is technically impossible to install a solar thermal system, are exempt from this regulation.
Last reviewMarch 2009
Further informationCidades Solares: Governo do Rio de Janeiro:
Contact State government of Rio de JaneiroSecretaria de Estado de Obras – SEOBRAS” (state bureau of constructions)
Mr. Sérgio Poubel de CamposCabinet Chief, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil Email:

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