Production line of Absorption Chillers in Spain
 Production line of Absorption Chillers in Spain

Production line of Absorption Chillers in Spain

factory climatewell= Factory of Climatewell in the Spanish town of Soria: The Swedish company is setting up a production line of solar absorption chillers.
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Climatewell wants to get solar cooling out of the niche market. The Swedish company has set up a production line of solar absorption chillers in the Spanish town of Soria. “Inauguration is still another year away”, announces Climatewell CEO Per Olofsson.

For the time being, the annual production capacity stands at 600 devices, “but can be increased as soon as the market demand is there”, says Olofsson. This demand seems to be growing pretty fast for small size absorption chillers with a 10 kW cooling capacity. Climatewell shipped 75 units until the end of 2008 – just one year after launching the first commercially available devices. The company confirmed orders for another 453 units, apart from the already delivered ones. The distribution system bases on partners who commit themselves to purchase a certain amount of devices to become a Climatewell dealer.

One of the newest partners in Spain is Continua, a Spanish company based in Soria and specialised in energy efficiency measures. Continua signed an agreement with Climatewell in September 2008. The company sees the main target group for the absorption chillers in hotels, sports halls and commercial buildings. “Every day we discover new applications for solar cooling”, says Jorge Martínez Lafuente, one of the founders of Continua. They are planning to install 0.3 MW of solar cooling capacity in the Spanish Castilla Y Leon region.

One of the newest partners outside Spain is the company Kingspan Renewables, Northern Ireland, which just recently formed a new business unit called Kingspan Climate. “We will offer packaged solutions for solar powered indoor climate – from single home residential to commercial and industrial”, says Mark Brookes, Kingspan’s business development director. “Kingspan Climate and Climatewell have established a strategic partnership to actively promote the Kingspan Climate solutions”.

Kingspan Renewables was established in late summer 2007, when Kingspan Group acquired the Thermomax brand of solar vacuum tubes. Since then Kingspan’s newest business has quickly moved to expand its product portfolio. The company introduced flat plate collectors as well as a Solamax Photovoltaic product range.

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