Jharkhand State: Successful Subsidy Programme in Eastern India
 Jharkhand State: Successful Subsidy Programme in Eastern India

Jharkhand State: Successful Subsidy Programme in Eastern India

The Indian state government of Jharkhand has already reached its goal of subsidising 4,000 solar water heating systems in 2009. The state offers 105 INR/litre for solar water heaters with flat plate collectors and 80 INR/litre for systems with vacuum tube collectors. “The installation of such a system typically costs around 150 INR/litre for flat plate collector systems and 115 INR/litre for vacuum tube collector systems,” explains Bimalendu Rai, who is responsible for the programme at the Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA).

Solar water heating systems are therefore eligible for a subsidy, which covers nearly 70 % of the costs, independent from the capacity of the system. Further applications are still being received and the programme will continue until March 2010. According to JREDA additional funds will be granted.
Find further details about the subsidy programme in table below:

Country / regionIndia, Jharkhand State
Name of programmeSubsidy scheme for Solar Thermal Domestic Systems
Type of incentiveSubsidies
Eligible technologiesSolar water heaters
Applicable sectors
  • Residential,
  • Commercial, such as for hotels and hospitals
  • Applications from industrial estates will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
AmountIndian Rupees (INR) 100 /litre for flat plate collectors only. No subsidy for Vacuum Tube. Amount of subsidy calculated by 50 litre per m² of flat plate collector.
Requirements for systemCollector must conform to Bureau of Indian Standards and manufacturer must be MNRE approved with 5 year warranty
Requirements for installationNone
Finance providerJharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA) (http://www.jreda.com)
Funding sourcePublic money
Effective dateApril 2005, new regulations since April 2012
Expiration dateMarch 2013 or 200,000 litres (4,000 m² of collector area), whichever is earlier
Last review of this tabloidDecember 2012
ContactMr. Ashok Kumar (Director)

Tel.: +91-651-2246970



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