China: Linuo Solar runs five Solar Glass Tubing Factories
 China: Linuo Solar runs five Solar Glass Tubing Factories

China: Linuo Solar runs five Solar Glass Tubing Factories

glass tubing of Linuo Solar” The Chinese Linuo Solar Energy Group is the biggest solar tubing glass manufacturer worldwide – and is still growing at a fast rate: The group raised their production output by 70 % in 2008, produced 220,000 tons of borosilicate glass nationwide and sold the largest portion of it to the solar thermal industry. Photo: Linuo Solar

The stock listed company runs five factories in China that produce borosilicate glass tubes for solar applications. The Linuo group is the biggest share holder of Linuo Solar Energy. Linuo Solar claims a market share of 58 % among all solar glass tubing manufacturers in China.  

Linuo Group Location Province Set up by when Products
Puyang Company Puyang Henan 1988 borosilicate glass
Zhongyuan Company Puyang Henan 2000 borosilicate glass tube & rod
Shandong Company Shen County Shandong 2004 solar glass tube
Huai’an Company Huai’an Jiangsu 2005 solar glass tube, borosilicate glass
Bao Guang Haining Zhejiang 2006 solar glass tube

Five tubing glass factories of the Linuo Solar Energy Group with a capacity of far more than 200,000 tons borosilicate glass per year. Source: Linuo Solar  

There is no additional capacity planned for this year, however. The Linuo Solar Energy Group is going to concentrate its efforts on quality improvements of product dimensions. “We changed some equipment to reduce tolerance values of product properties,” explains Shao-Chun Chen, export manager at the Linuo Solar Energy Group. The manufacturer offers tubing glass that is between 1 and 9 mm thick, up to 2,000 mm long and can possess a diameter of up to 330 mm.  

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