Austria: Collector Production Unit for Sale
 Austria: Collector Production Unit for Sale

Austria: Collector Production Unit for Sale

The factory for sale in Austria is a complete and new production facility for standard flat plate collectors. “The buyer will be able to manufacture and sell high-quality collector modules without any delay,” the worldwide shown ad explains. The production capacity of the absorber and collector production line in three shifts was 54,000 m2 and could be extended further.

The agent to turn to for more information is Dietmar Kessler, a consultant with 30 years of experience in the field of renewable energies. “We have already sparked the interest of companies from countries as far as China, India and Turkey,” Kessler says. The consultant confirms that it is not the entire company which is for sale. In fact, a solar thermal specialist from Austria wants to sell the standard collector manufacturing unit to again concentrate on its core business.

Kessler promises a short return of investment of less than 3.5 years from an annually produced  collector area of 15,000 m2. The buyer could continue to provide the existing customers with their 5,000 m2/year.
More Information:
Dietmar Kessler
Sales Agent
6820 Frastanz, Austria
Phone: +43 664 543 15 80

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