Austria: Call for Papers/Speakers on Solar Process Heat
 Austria: Call for Papers/Speakers on Solar Process Heat

Austria: Call for Papers/Speakers on Solar Process Heat

 Solar Process Heat” The first international conference dedicated exclusively to solar process heat will take place in Wels, Austria, from 3 to 4 March 2011 as part of the World Sustainable Energy Days. It is organised by the O.Oe. Energiesparverband, the regional energy agency of Upper Austria, which is also the coordinator of the Intelligent Energy Europe project "Solar Process Heat" (So-Pro).
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“Solar process heat is still in its infancy,” Christiane Egger, Deputy Manager of the O.Oe. Energiesparverband, explains. “About 30% of the total industrial heat demand in Europe concerns temperatures below 100°C – a demand, which can be met by commercially available solar thermal collectors”.

The aim of the conference is to present the technological solutions, market reports and best practice examples already available and to discuss strategies on how to increase the market share of solar process heat globally. Until 5 October 2010, experts on the sector are invited to submit a paper by email ( or propose speakers by filling in the online form on

Main topics include:

  • R&D and technological innovations in the field of solar process heat
  • best practice examples from around the globe
  • analyses of the potential, application sectors and economics of solar process heat
  • collector innovations in the field of solar process heat
  • system designs, planning tools & approaches, integration into commercial and industrial energy systems
  • solar heat metering, guarantee of results, quality assurance and solar contracting
  • reports on solar process heat from local, regional and national markets
  • innovations regarding products, solutions, services, financing and marketing/business models
  • dissemination of information, awareness raising, training
  • strategies and programmes to develop solar process heat markets

"The conference is held in the framework of the EU’s So-Pro project, whose measures are specifically aimed at establishing markets for solar process heat. Besides the set-up of 12 pilot projects, these measures also include training professionals, providing information to the industry’s decision makers and developing new services for solar contracting."

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