Solar Pre-Heating for Textile Dyeing in Hangzhou

Since 2007 the 13,000 m2 flat plate collector field at High Fashion Ltd in the city of Hangzhou in the Chinese province of Zhejiang pre-heats water to 55 °C. The installation is one of the largest solar process heat systems in China and therefore often presented as a successful case study in speeches at international conferences. The pre-heated water is stored in a tank, and then heated to around 100 °C to produce steam for the dyeing of garment.  The total investment for the plant was Renminbib (RMB) 14.5 million (around EUR 1.9 million), the estimated pay-back time was 3 to 4 years according to the Chinese Solar Thermal Industry Federation (CSTIF). National ministries supported the environmental action of High Fashion with a funding of 50 RMB/m2 (6.5 EUR/m2).
Photo: CSTIF / Sun & Wind Energy


Name of Project / installation

High Fashion Ltd, Hangzhou (200 km south-west of Shanghai)



Start of operation

September 2007


Solar process heat

Cross collector field size

13,000 m2 flat plate collectors / 9 MWth

Storage size

900 m3

Supplied process

Pre-heating of water for textile dyeing

Predicted specific solar yield

44 litres/m2*day

Predicted solar share in process

21.7 %


High Fashion Ltd., Chinese textile company

Planning / construction

Qier Solar Technology Co.Ltd, China

Collector manufacturer

Qier Solar Technology Co.Ltd, China


Mr Su, General Manage of Qier Solar Technology Co.Ltd, China, Phone 0086- 755-28119950

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