Solar district heating for 3,000 households in the German town of Senftenberg


Friday, 23 September 2016, was the inauguration date for the now largest solar thermal collector field in Germany. Since then, 8,300 m2 of vacuum tube collectors (5.8 MWth) set up in the town of Senftenberg, 140 km south of Berlin, have been feeding energy into the municipality’s district heating network. The new Senftenberg solar field was designed, manufactured and implemented by German system integrator Ritter XL Solar. The 1,680 collectors, the heat transfer unit and around 6,600 m of pipework were installed within record time: All in all, the project took only six months. The general contractor for the EUR 4.5 million investment was Berlin-based E&G Energiebau, which had received support from the Integral Project, the company responsible for sizing and integrating the solar heat into the existing network. 

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Name of Project / installation site

Solar District Heating Senftenberg, 140 km south of Berlin



Start of operations

August 2016


Solar district heating

Gross collector field size

8,300 m2 flat plate /5.8 MWth

Storage size

No solar storage tank is required, since the 2,000 m3 water volume of the district heating network is used as a storage tank for additional solar heat in summer

Supplied process / network

District heating network provides heating and domestic hot water for 3,000 households; supply temperature varies between 85 and 105 °C over the year

Specific solar yield per year

482 kWh/m²a

Predicted solar share

App. 4 %

Customer / operator

Stadtwerke Senftenberg (public utility), Germany

Planning / construction

  • General contractor E u.G-Energiebau, Berlin, Germany
  • Partner: Integral Project, Cottbus, Germany
  • Subcontractor: Ritter XL Solar, Dettenhausen, Germany

Collector manufacturer

Ritter XL Solar, Dettenhausen, Germany


Detlef Moschek, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Senftenberg,

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