Denmark: 52,500 m2 additional collector area in Vojens

Since 2012, Vojens Fjernvarme has been a satisfied customer of a solar district heating installation. The experiences made with the 17,000 m2 large collector field convinced the municipal utility from the south of Denmark to plan adding another 52,500 m2 (36.75 MWth) to the field as well as seasonal storage, which should increase the annual solar share from the 14 % measured in 2014 to an expected 45 %. The photo shows the new fields  with a total of 36.75 MWth on the left and the old field with 12.25 MWth on the right. The seasonal storage is situated on the top left of the photo with a triangle form is was not yet filled when the photo was taken.
Photo: Arcon-Sunmark

Grid temperatures have been set low to match the solar feed-in – they are 75 °C/37 °C and 77 °C/40 °C in summer and winter, respectively. Arcon-Sunmark sees solar heat prices, including seasonal storage, at 47 EUR/MWh, compared to heat prices of 57 EUR/MWh for natural gas supply, as natural gas taxation has been at 0.0295 EUR/m3. Hence, the megawatt plant is a purely commercial project, which has not been supported by direct subsidies. The installation was commissioned Mid May 2015 and officially inaugurated on 12 June 2015.

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Name of Project / installation site

Vojens Fjernvarme



Start of operations

Mid May 2015


District heating

Gross collector field size

36.75 MWth / 52,500 m² installed in 2014, 12.25 MWth / 17,500 m2 installed in 2012

Seasonal storage size

Water-filled basin with 203,000 m3

Supplied process / network

Supply of 2,000 households as well as ten schools and industries

Specific solar yield per year

400 kWh/m2

Predicted solar share

45 % with the total thermal capacity of 49 MWth

Customer / operator

Vojens Fjernvarme, Denmark

Planning / construction / commissioning

Ramboll, Denmark

Manufacturer of seasonal storage tank

GSE Lining Technology, Germany

Manufacturer of collectors

Arcon Sunmark, Denmark


Vojens Fjernvarme A.M.B.A.

Tingvejen 47 6500 Vojens

Phone: +45 74 54 29 01

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