How to use this site

This section of allows you to learn how to navigate the site to find the information you want and interact with the website in new ways.

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Two types of content 

The website has two major types of content; news and researched documentation. The news is produced in-house, while other documentation comes from GSTEC’s network and collating of public documents that we feel help to contribute to the worldwide knowledge on solar thermal technology.

Accessing the content


The site catalogues all its content along three axes; geographic region, key pillars for market success, and market sector. Using the filter on the left of the website, it is possible to narrow the content to those aspects that interest you.

See below the tutorial video on how to navigate on the website

Using tags

Each article is tagged with key terms listed at the bottom of each article. By clicking on these tags, you can find other content with that tag.

The Worldwide Directory

A Directory of all solar thermal actors is also on our website. For more information please see our videos below:

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