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  • Growing interest in concentrating solar heat in central Europe

    Growing interest in concentrating solar heat in central Europe

    Concentrating collectors that provide heat or steam for large energy consumers are still far and few between. In 2020, 35 projects with a total aperture area of 16,300 m2 (11 MWth) were put up around the globe, with the most capacity added in China and Turkey, However...
  • Photo: USP

    First heliostat field made in Brazil

    The University of São Paulo in Pirassununga (see photo) is about to get its own field of heliostats on campus. Once completed, the sea of mirrors will focus sunlight onto a receiver connected to an Organic Rankine Cycle system. The heat transfer fluid will be ambient air. The ORC turbine ‘...

    IEA SHC: New Task to Use Solar Energy for Water Treatment

    On 18 September, there will be a definition meeting for a new task called Solar Energy in Industrial Water Management in Gleisdorf, Austria. The initiator of this international research project within the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme is Christoph Brunner from Austrian...

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