SHC 2019, Santiago de Chile

Start Date: 
4 November 2019
End Date: 
7 November 2019
SHC 2019 will be held in Santiago de Chile from 4 to 7 November 2019 in conjunction with SWC 2019. Holding SHC 2019 with SWC 2019 will ensure that in addition to solar thermal topics other important topics will be cover with a special emphasis on energy and buildings, solar heating and cooling, solar energy for industry, solar desalination and topics specific to the region. Expert international keynote speakers will be invited to speak about cutting-edge new technologies. The SHC 2019 / SWC 2019 will also include sessions to discuss policies at the governmental, national and regional levels. This event will aim to include a very strong industry presence with dynamic workshops and panel discussions to connect research with industry.

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