International Sustainable Energy Conference (ISEC) 2021, Graz

Start Date: 
5 April 2022
End Date: 
17 April 2022
The conference originally plannedfor 14 to 16 of October 2020 will be postponed to October 2021. 
In order to implement the agreement on global warming reached at the UN climate change conference in Paris, in December 2015, an almost complete phasing out of fossil energy supply is required by 2050. This presents enormous challenges for the society, but also offers enormous opportunities for innovative research facilities and companies to make a global contribution to this change. With a focus on the last successful conferences “Gleisdorf Solar” and “ökoSan” the International Sustainable Energy Conference - ISEC 2020, organized by AEE INTEC, is a promoter for innovative ideas in the areas of renewable hybrid and interlinked energy systems and resource efficiency. Furthermore it is intended to provide a platform for intensive exchange between research institutes and companies.

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