PV-Thermal Technology

  • PV-Thermal: Major markets and most sought-after technologies

    PV-Thermal: Major markets and most sought-after technologies

    IEA SHC Task 60, Application of PVT Collectors, shows how a fruitful collaboration between industry and research can lead to a thorough analysis of current and future technological developments. Besides developing a series of standardised key performance indicators to assess the...
  • SRCC revises standards to enforce labelling and PVT testing

    SRCC revises standards to enforce labelling and PVT testing

    In early December 2020, three revised Solar Rating & Certification Corporation standards cleared an important hurdle, receiving the Solar Thermal Standard Consensus Committee’s stamp of approval. Following final submission to US ANSI, they were made available on the...
  • Hybrid solutions maximise solar yield per area

    Hybrid solutions maximise solar yield per area

    A record 840 people registered for the PVT solutions for buildings and industry webinar in order to learn more about the wide range of applications in which hybrid PV-Thermal systems can be used. This two-in-one technology offers attractive payback periods whenever a constant amount of heat...
  • Daniel Mugnier Is New IEA SHC Chairman

    Daniel Mugnier Is New IEA SHC Chairman

    The new chair of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme, also known as IEA SHC, will be Daniel Mugnier, a leading expert in solar cooling. Mugnier, who heads the R&D department at French-based Tecsol, was elected during an executive committee meeting in Stockholm on 21 June and...
  • Solar Energy (2005)

    This is a document published by the Brazilian national agency for electricity. The document provides an overview of solar energy starting from the most basic concepts like solar radiation, down to the different technologies used for heating, electricity, difference between thermal and PV,...

  • Solar Thermal Systems (2008)

    This is a presentation by Murat Aydemir from the company Viessmann Middle East. The presentation was given during the Green Building Conference in Dubai in 2008.

  • Solar Thermal Energy. An Industry Report (2008)

    This is a document providing information and comparisons between solar thermal energy and photovoltaics (PV) or fossil energy, like coal, on an industrial level. The document explores the successes and challenges faced by some major EU companies in this business area.

  • Low Carbon Future (2011)

    This is an overview presented by the Southern Africa Solar Thermal and Electricity Association (SASTELA) concerning the potential, developments and future perspectives for both solar thermal and PV energy in Africa, especially in South Africa. The main objective is to develop and interconnect...

  • Solar Energy: Let’s Look at the World with Different Eyes (2006)

    This is a presentation on different solar energy technologies, including photovoltaics and thermal. After a brief schematisation on what is the solar energy and how it can be used, the author explains the main differences between passive and active solar systems.

  • Solar Energy in Argentina (2007)

    This document, published by INENCO Instituto UNSa-CONICET (Instituto de Investigación en Energías No Convencionales), provides an overview of solar energy in Argentina.

  • PV-Thermal Roadmap (2006)

    This is a guide for the development and market introduction of PV-Thermal (PVT) technology in Europe. The guide is one of the deliverables of the PVT Forum project, part of the EU-supported project PV-Catapult, a Coordination Action within the 6th Framework Programme. PVT technology is a...


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