• Solar Water Heating with Low-Cost Plastic Systems (2012)

    This document was published by the Federal Energy Management Program of the US Department of Energy. It focuses on how federal buildings can meet their renewable energy targets laid out by federal law with cost effective solar thermal water heating systems, included new...

  • Liberty Box Testing Results (2012)

    This document was created and published by the City of Tallahassee, Florida. It reports on the City’s use of a “Liberty Box”, which is a solar thermal system that provides power to water heaters. The technology was created by Energy Design Solutions, and was...

  • Passive Solar Heating and Thermal Mass (2010)

    This presentation was created by Rob Dumont of the Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology, which promotes sustainable economic development in Alaska. It covers passive solar heating design and thermal mass construction.

    Direct gain passive solar...

  • Low-Cost Solar Water Heating Research and Development Roadmap (2012)

    This document is a comprehensive technical report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. It was created and published to identify the target market for solar water heaters and to identify cost and performance targets that must be met for systems to achieve significant energy savings....

  • Solar Thermal: Water Heating and Beyond (2010)

    This presentation was created by Jane Davidson of the University of Minnesota and Tim Merrigan & Jay Burch of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. It looks at the potential for growth in use of solar thermal in underutilized applications on the US, as compared to...

  • Hemeva Solar Water Heaters (2005)

    This is an example of a commercial brochure of a solar manufacturer in Colombia Hemeva. The brochure explains the products, their use and benefits. It includes details on the materials and components used, the technologies, the certification system, etc. The document also has images that...

  • Automation and Quality Improvements at SMEThermal 2011: Call for papers

    Automation and Quality Improvements at SMEThermal 2011: Call for papers

    The 1st SMEThermal in March 2010 exceeded the expectations: As the first of its kind to be dedicated exclusively to materials and equipment used in manufacturing solar thermal tanks and collectors, it attracted 150 key industry players from 20 different countries.

  • Concentrating Solar Power: Clean Energy for the Electric Grid (2008)

    This 2008 document from the US based Center on Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness looks in particular into the value chain of CSP. The industry structure is illustrated through a general CSP value chain but also a more complete value chain with company information is provided....


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