• Solar Thermal Collector Manufacturing Activities 2009 (2010)

    This report was created by the staff of the Advanced Power Supply Team in US Department of Energy (DOE). It reports on the solar thermal collector manufacturing industry in 2009, illustrated with charts and tables. This report corresponds with the Renewable Energy Annual...

  • Solar Thermal Industry in Cape Verde. Potential Market (2009)

    The solar water heating in Cape Verde is practically inexistent. This master dissertation provides an overview of the current status of the country with a view of understanding the potential of solar thermal energy use in Cape Verde. The following market analysis tools are used: the Porter...

  • Confident Newcomers in the U.S.

    Confident Newcomers in the U.S.

    After almost 20 years of stagnant markets, since 2005 the U.S. solar thermal market is exploding. According to the official governmental statistics ( the market rose by 77 % in 2006 to 111,480 m2 (78 MWth). After many years of winter sleep the local industry is...

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