• SICA countries join IEA SHC with some flagship projects

    SICA countries join IEA SHC with some flagship projects

    In its current Solar Update Newsletter August 2021 the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme welcomes what is already the sixth Regional Sustainable Energy Centre to join as a sponsor. The most recent new member is SICREEE, which opened its doors at the beginning of 2021 and represents...
  • DIY Serpentine Solar Water Heating (2009)

    This design manual was created by the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group, which focuses on fostering sustainable growth in developing countries. This specific project is the serpentine solar water heating system.

    The serpentine solar water heating system design uses the thermo-...

  • Guatemala: Growth without Subsidies

    Guatemala: Growth without Subsidies

    Despite the total lack of public incentives, the Guatemalan solar thermal market is growing at a steady rate. High electricity prices combined with a welcoming climate and market environment are turning solar thermal into an increasingly attractive technology. One of the country’s...
  • Solar Cooking in Central American Solar Energy Project (CASEP)

    This document and website provide detailed information about the Central American Solar Energy Project (CASEP), which promotes the construction and use of solar cookers in countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The project has an environmental purpose - promoting the...


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