• Concentrated Solar Power as Part of European Energy Supply (2006)

    This document from 2006 has been prepared by the Technical University of Delft - the Netherlands. The paper states that CSP is a way to ensure a more sustainable energy supply in the EU while contributing to the Kyoto targets.

  • An Overview of CSP in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East (2008)

    This document from 2008 gives a comprehensive overview of CSP development in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The paper first looks into the key drivers and key inhibitors that impact the growth of CSP. Particular attention is given to the cost factor of CSP such as initial investment...

  • Conferenia de la industria solar Espana 2009 (CIS-ES), Madrid

    This annual conference became the main platform for debate and the exchange of information and knowledge across the solar energy sector and related fields. It aims to bring members of the sector into contact with political representatives, the financial world and the media. The conference will...
  • Italy: Cap for Tax Reductions Removed

    Italy: Cap for Tax Reductions Removed

    The solar community can breathe a sigh of relief. The sun is shining again over the solar thermal market in Italy. The temporary law of the government from the 29th of November (Decreto Legge 185/08) was approved by the Italian Parliament only after major changes...

  • Solar Heat Used Rarely in Industrial Processes

    If solar heat likes to gain more importance in the future, it should not ignore the industrial sector. Task 33 of the International Energy Agency's (IEA) Solar Heating & Cooling programme performed an analysis of industrial energy needs and looked for the potential of solar heat within the...
  • Promotion of Solar Water Heaters

    This 55-page study "International Experiences with the Promotion of Solar Water Heaters on Household-level", published in October 2006, introduces possible promotion mechanisms for solar water heaters on a household-level. Criteria for their assessment are defined in compliance therewith. The main...

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