• Solar Energy: Let’s Look at the World with Different Eyes (2006)

    This is a presentation on different solar energy technologies, including photovoltaics and thermal. After a brief schematisation on what is the solar energy and how it can be used, the author explains the main differences between passive and active solar systems.

  • Solar Concentrator (2010)

    This is a brochure made by a Bulgarian company Bulgaria Therm about a solar concentrator which can be used for heating and cooling in a winter, such as in a summer period. A comparison between this product and a solar collector is provided by graphics and schemes. Functional and technical...

  • Bulgaria: New Manufacturer notice Up and Down on the Market

    Bulgaria: New Manufacturer notice Up and Down on the Market

    The city of Shumen in the northeast of Bulgaria is becoming the centre of the national solar thermal industry. Right next to already established solar system manufacturer New Energy Systems, Bulgarian company Tesy has built up a solar tank and collector production unit last year. The...

  • “We were prepared for this Outcome”

    “We were prepared for this Outcome”

    In most of the National Renewable Energy Plans (NREAPs), solar thermal was not a priority. Only 8 countries announced significant collector area and growth rates (see news here). solarthermalworld.org asked Xavier Noyon, Secretary General of the European Solar...

  • EE & RES Congress and Exhibition for South-East Europe, Sofia

    The 7th International Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources takes place from 13 - 15 April 2011 in Sofia. Speakers from Bulgarian and foreign companies, institutions and associations will present the latest achievements and novelties in the field of the renewable...
  • Trans-Solar: Knowledge Transfer to 7 CEE Partner Countries

    Trans-Solar: Knowledge Transfer to 7 CEE Partner Countries

    After running for 26 months, the European Trans-Solar project finally ended in January 2010. Its aim had been to transfer solar thermal know-how from the old EU Member States to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
    Source: www.cres.gr/trans-solar/

  • Bulgaria: Results of a Market Survey

    Bulgaria: Results of a Market Survey

    Solar systems in Bulgaria are mainly used for generating hot water for domestic uses. The second biggest score in a survey among solar thermal system suppliers gained the sector of hotels and recreation facilities, particularly at the Black Sea coast and in mountain resorts.

  • International Exhibition on ЕЕ and RES for SE Europe, Sofia

    The 2010 edition of the exhibition will bring together again key players from the EE & RES industry sector from many countries like manufacturers, researches and users of renewable energy sources. The event will underline the market’s trends, needs and opportunities. The exhibition targets...

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