Webinar - Drivers and Barriers in the current CSP market

Webinar - Drivers and Barriers in the current CSP market

By Fernando Nuno / Published on Fri, 2009-11-27 15:06


Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - 17:00

Duration / timezone: 

1 hour


Rosa Blázquez, Juan Manuel Martín, David Pérez


This webinar will provide a general view of drivers and barriers for CSP development, with a particular focus on the structure of the CSP Value Chain. From a technical point of view, the main key performances will be reviewed for the different technologies.

The event is co-promoted by our partner CSP Today, following the publication of its Report on Global Concentrated Solar Power Industry, carried out by Altran Technologies.


Rosa Blázquez Sánchez is an industrial engineer, and holds a Master in Energy Resources and Technology, concentrating on Renewable Energy. She has been working for more than three years in this field, leading international projects for Photovoltaics and participating in several projects in the CSP Sector. She has wide knowledge of the different CSP technologies and the current situation of the market worldwide. She also works for the Spanish Industry Ministry for the promotion and attraction of foreign Investment in Renewable Energy in Spain.

Juan Manuel Martín Torres is Aeronautical Engineer and has been working in Solar Energy for six years. His role inside Altran Technologies is Technical Director in the Solar Area, a branch of the firm devoted to the development of Solar Energy Projects. During this time, Juan Manuel has taken part in more than 30 projects related to the research and development of different CSP plants equipments, like a solar trough or a Stirling Dish frame and driving system.

David Pérez is an industrial engineer with 12 years of experience in the automotive industry, aerospace and renewable energy. He has held the position of Solar Energy Manager at ALTRAN Technologies for four years now. The main activities in this area are: Consultancy, R&D, Technology, Product Development, Innovation, support to project developers of Solar Plants.








































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