TREE Project – CSP Seminars in South Africa (2009)

The TREE Project (Transfer Renewable Energy & Efficiency), run by the Renewables Academy (RENAC) in Berlin aims to promote capacity building and know-how transfer in renewable energies (RE), energy efficiency (EE) and climate protection for both decision makers from politics and business, as well as technicians and engineers in emerging countries.

TREE offers a wide range of courses, advanced seminars for both decision makers and for engineers, distance learning and individual follow-up with each national government involved. One of the seminars foreseen for Jordan, South Africa, Namibia, Chile and Peru is about concentrated solar power. The aim of the CSP seminars is to provide core information for the implementation of CSP and to formulate concrete plans of action for creating and implementing the needed policies and conditions.

This document presents the content of the seminar held in South Africa on March 2009. With the link below you can access similar information about the CSP seminars held in the other countries, as well as general information about the TREE project.

Donwload document here or read it below

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