Towards 1000 Solar Thermal Roofs in Croatia (2010)

This presentation was given by the Croatian Energy Agency at World Sustainable Energy Days 2010, and outlines Croatia's recent efforts to promote solar thermal energy uptake amongst its population. Traditionally, policy makers have taken a top-down approach to energy policy in Croatia, with little initiatives on a local or regional level.

However, the demands of EU accession and the economic and environmental benefits of solar thermal energy have encouraged Croatian policy makers to think differently. This began with a 2009 call in Karkova County for 60 households to have solar thermal systems installed on their roofs. 150 applications were received, with 66 selected for financial support of up to 40% of the total budget.

The Intelligent Energy Europe funded project's success has encouraged similar schemes across Croatia's different region, with such targeted action bringing the country closer to its initial target of "1000 roofs".

Date: 2010

Pages: 14

Author: Croatia Energy Agency

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