Thermal Desalination Driven by an Innovative Salinity Gradient Solar Pond Located in the Coastal Waters of Open Seas (2015)

This presentation, prepared by Dr. Ir. Ing. Dick G. Klaren of Klaren International, proposes the use of a salinity gradient solar pond (SGSP) in coastal waters as renewable energy source for thermal desalination. The document was presented at the CWC Technical Seminars featured at the Saudi Water & Power Forum (SWPF), held between 12 and 14 January in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A solar pond is a thermal solar collector with integrated storage. About 15% of the total received solar energy is absorbed by a blackened bottom, where the water is heated to the desired temperature. A solar pond has several advantages in terms of low investment costs, inexpensive thermal storage, reduced maintenance and cleaning. Compared to conventional ponds, which requires massive excavations of the soil, a solar pond in coastal waters has lower costs and reduced risks of leaks. 

The presentation includes graphic explanations of the functioning of the solar pond and a detailed explanation of the novelties presented by the solar pond in coastal waters. The solar pond is designed to be built in open water near the cost of the Arabian Gulf or Red Sea. The presentation estimates the cost of distillate of being less than $ 0.60 / m3.

Date: January 2015

Author: Dr. Ir. Ing. Dick G. Klaren of Klaren International

Pages: 23

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