Technical Specifications for Solar Energy Installations (2010)

The Decree No. 314/010 was issued by the Uruguayan authorities with the purpose of outlining the minimal technical conditions to be met by solar thermal installations. It regulates the use of these technologies, also serving as a guideline for all users, with a main focus on durability, reliability and security requirements.

The document first discusses the main parameters – conditions of use and climate – which provide data required for the calculation of energy demands and the systems to be employed. It then outlines the basic system sizing requirements and the auxiliary power needs. A significant part of the text is dedicated to the solar thermal system requirements and components, including collectors, performance tests, standards and protection systems. Moreover, the decree regulates the operations and lifetime of these installations through its maintenance and warranty provisions.

Considering the comprehensive provisions and technical details offered by the present document, this initiative is arguably an incentive for investments and market expansion in Uruguay.

Document only available in Spanish

Author: Uruguayan National Energy Authority

Date: 2010

Pages: 18

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